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digital beauty revolution

Did you ever think you’d know more about yourself than your dermatologist? Or you’d be the one giving the store manager makeup advice? Let alone influence latest makeup trends via social media. This 2019, we’re all self-declared beauty geeks. An assurance that comes from the ever-developing artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality. It’s made finding-the-perfect-red-lipstick-to-match-your-skin-tone or bagging-the-best-moisturizer-for-your-face concerns no more. Look closer and you’ll realize that beauty giants also have a role to play. A few years ago, they turned to the tech industry and merged our hunger for inclusivity and inquisitiveness. So much so that, now, futuristic advancements and customization forms the backbone of the beauty world.

Next year’s predictions make last-year’s social-media filters look puerile. We’re talking creating makeup pigments out of thin air and liquid solutions that understand you. Ready to know what the future holds for you?


From digging into your genetics to using the force of magnetic fields, the tech world puts a new spin on inclusivity

latest makeup trends

1.Personalize your moisturizer

You may have the same skin concern but not the same skin type. Or the same skin type but not the same preference. One brand can never please us all, right? Wrong. Here enters the best of digital beauty revolution that solves this major skin concern.
Clinique iD
reverses this. Its moisturizer takes a 2-step approach to first pick a base (from a moisturizing lotion, oil-control gel and hydrating jelly). Then, you pick and blend one from five active concentrate cartridges, each of which address a specific skin type. Together, they pump out a precise dose of 90% hydration base and 10% active concentrate. How’s that for inclusivity?

2. AI foundation

With this technology, you don’t find your shade, your shade finds you. First, your face is scanned, data from which is translated into a personalized formula that’s designed by an algorithm to exact your skin tone. It’s lightweight, fragrance-free and bottled right in front of you. All you need to do is select your desired coverage and hydration level before Lancôme’s Le Teint Particulier expertly crafts your customized shade from its wide range of 8,000 shades.  

digital beauty trends
future of beauty industry

3. Your gene pool

When it comes to understanding our skin, lifestyle and external factors are passé tracking parameters. Brands like HomeDNA, Skintelli, Allel, Ancestry, 23andme, Skinshift… give you access to your skin’s DNA with genetic testing and analysis. Think of it like a medical report for your skin. It lets you in on your skin lineage, genetic history or assess risk for certain diseases (if at all). It answers questions like the rate at which your skin’s cellular turn over happens, the quality of your collagen, how is your skin aging, and what ingredients should you consume for radiance.

4. Smart serums

Atolla, a skincare brand that so far only specializes in serums, mirrors the Netflix algorithm. The more you use the serum, the more it understands you. The idea is to make predictions for your skin and treat them at its inception instead of preventing breakouts, redness, sensitivity, allergies... Your skin sequence is tracked by the month, while the serum adapts to the needs of your skin by the month. Spraying the liquid solution on your body creates a field of attraction between your skin and the liquid. Which is evenly distributed and attracted to your skin.

innovative beauty products - serums
innovative beauty products - application

5. Touchless application

Technology makes us lazy and here’s proof. According to Ioniq, our ‘biggest issue in skin care is the hand’. Our hands get too sticky after application, we can’t reach every part of our body, we don’t have any dosage control, nor do we rub appropriately… their complaints are endless. And so, they launched the ‘One’ spray that comes with a patented magnetic technology. Available as a moisturizer, tanner, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and body lotion; spritzing its liquid on your skin gets attracted, distributes evenly and has active ingredients penetrating deep into your skin.


Beauty gadgets are hyper-personalized to suss, predict and offer solutions way before you pick up on them.

innovative beauty products – 3D printing

1. 3D printing

What was invented in 1980, finally sees the light of day. All thanks to Harvard Business School graduate, Grace Choi, with her creation of Mink - the world’s first portable makeup-producing 3D printer. Click a picture and see it turn to makeup pigment in a matter of seconds. It can print 16.7 million shades of the color spectrum. Mind. Blown. Obviously, brands tagged along. UK-based Adorn 3D Pen prints a foundation that matches your skin tone. Smashbox’s 3D Printed Lipstick comes in 120 different shades in the design you can pick (hearts, emojis, signatures, logos and other cute options). The pigment transfers in a mirror compact for you to apply with a brush or your fingers.The future of beauty industry? You bet

2. Magic wand

Folks, there is a wand in the market that’s a real-life beauty filter. And it’s called the Opté Precision Skincare System. It detects your imperfections and spritzes tiny but exact amount of foundation to correct each blemish without affecting the rest of your face. According to the press release, it is basically a really fancy, handheld thermal inkjet printer with 120 nozzles, plus a camera that captures 200 pictures of your skin each second, that deposits 1 billionth of a liter of makeup on each skin spot it detects.  

innovative beauty products – magic wand
innovative beauty products - hairbrush

3. Your hairbrush knows all

In 2019, your hairbrush talks to you. We’re serious. Check Kérastase’s Hair Coach Powered by Withings to know what we mean. The smart hairbrush comes with a microphone that captures the hair’s soundwaves to identify all your hair woes from frizziness to split ends. Moreover, you also get to know your stroke count, brushing force and speed. The vibrating handles guides your brushing technique. While an overall analysis on your app further provides you with product recommendations. Data even your trichologist can’t offer you with. Hah!

4. Wrinkle-fighting pillow

SkinGlow takes the concept of ‘sleeping beauty’ to a whole new level. The bedding brand’s pillow and pillowcase makes you hit the sack without aging you. It weaves copper ions in a fabric (Cupron), which gets activated with the moisture released from your body to eventually fade and smoothen fine lines all the while nourishing stressed and aging skin. Apparently, this technology is even scientifically proven. Must say, this sure puts up a tough competition against last year’s satin pillow fad. Well, may the best ‘pillow’ win.

innovative beauty products - pillow
innovative beauty products - chatbot

5. Chatbots, your new best friend

Think of them as the ‘Siri’ and ‘Alexa’ to every beauty-related query, command or review. Even customer service can’t compare. Having a conversation with your beauty bot is like having a conversation with a friend. One that’s private, personal and gets better with time. Famous chatbots ruling the roost are Bloom Avenue’s Olivia, Sephora’s Virtual Artist, HelloAva, CoverGirl’s Kalanibot, L’Oréal Beauty Gifter and Madison Reed’s Madi. Click to make a beauty friend. Why? Because she gives you intelligent advice and keeps secrets.

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