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The fiery splendor of Draupadi

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Delhi-girl Pooja Sharma brings incandescence to the role.
After months of feverish search, Star Plus finallyfound the ideal actress to play Draupadi for its evergreen magnum opus Mahabharat. Just a few weeks into telecast and the epic drama has already garnered a massive fan following. Even though she's surrounded by strong male characters, Draupadi stands apart, as much for the strong and provocative character she portrays, as she does for her beauty. Dressed mainly in light red silk, all her costumes in the show are hand embroidered. She wears specially designed stone jewelry with the lotus as a theme, samples of which were sourced from Kolkata, Gujarat and South India.
As a character Draupadi is notjust confident and tantalizingbut stunningly beautiful. Her look is designed by none other than Oscar winning costume designer BhanuAthaiya. The focus of Draupadi’s look isvintage winged eyes and a huge round ‘bindi’ on theforehead. The eyes portray her confidence and strength. Though the look is traditional the classic winged-liner look will always remain immortal. The same look can be turned into a more wearable, contemporary style that I will demonstrate in the tutorial below.
Recreate Draupadi's eyes
The main focus of Draupadi's look is her mesmerizing eyes that speak louder than words. Pooja rocks the cat winged-liner look with ease and elegance. The thick liner highlights the eyes and overpowers the rest of the face.
1. Start by applying a liner slanting in an upwards and outward direction as demonstrated in the image below.Nykaa recommends Revlon Colorstay Liquid liner in Blackbeauty to create the wing.
2. Join the edge of the slant line to the lash line in the middle of the lid so as to form an elongated triangle as demonstrated below.
3. Next fill in the triangle with liquid liner.
4. Now apply the liner on the rest of the lash line. The trick is to apply it thickly and evenly.
5. Apply kohl on the lower water line and lash line. Nykaa recommends Lakme EyeconicKajal.
6.To finish up, apply loads of mascara on the upper and lower lashes. Nykaasuggests L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara.
Get a glowing complexion like Draupadi
Since the eyes are loud and dominate the look, the rest of the face should be kept subtle and soft. Apply a nice peachy pink shade on the apples of your cheeks for a nice healthy glow. Nykaa recommends Deborah Natural Blush in Peach.
Recreate Draupadi's lips
To balance the heavy eye makeup, the lips are also understated in a muted pink to emphasize her confident, mature look. Apply a matte pink lip color starting from middle of the lips working outwards. Nykaa recommends Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lipstick in Shade Teak Break.
Accessories to coordinate the look
If you want to sport a traditional look for a festival or wedding party, you may want to use a big, round red bindilike Draupadi's. This look will go particularly well for occasions like KarvaChauth. The jewelry should also be visually arresting as well. The intricate stone jewelry in gold with lotus as the theme only adds to the lure of Draupadi, possibly one of the most iconic characters in Indian mythology.
Revlon Lakme Loreal Deborah Lakme
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