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The Genius Technique Your Makeup Routine Is Missing

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Raise your hand if you find yourself staring in the mirror, hoping that you could have that fresh-off-the runway complexion and glow everyday! Very very few of us have been blessed with 'normal' skin all over our faces—our T-zone tends to be oil-y and more prone to flare-ups and acne while, our cheeks and forehead might be dry and in need dire need of hydration. So, taking the one-and-done road is really not an option, for both, your skincare and  makeup.
How, then, do you strike the perfect balance—flaunt artfully dewy skin, all while balancing excess oil and keeping your moisture levels in check? Luckily, with the right technique, you can get the best of both worlds!
We’re here to introduce you to the multi-foundation trend! Yes, you heard right. No matter your skin type ( even oily ), you can look like a glowing goddess, all with the right products.
  • What exactly is the multi-foundation trend?

    Dubbed as the genius technique of acing that flawless base while addressing your skin concerns, the multi-foundation trend is using more than one foundation at a time as opposed to using a single product on your entire face. Think of it as the multi-masking trend where you slap on different masks to treat different concerns - pores, redness, inflammation, oil, etc.
    By applying the right foundation in the right spots ( for example a dewy formula on your cheeks and a matte foundation on your T-zone ), you can make your skin look perfect ( even when its not). And, don’t forget to blend it all in.
    But, before you go wild and shell out thousands of bucks on five new foundations, calm down. Because the pros say you don’t need them all, two will do the trick.
  • Here’s exactly how to get that flawless base at home ( no glam squad needed)

    Step 1 - Moisturise

    You want to hydrate your skin so that your makeup goes on flawlessly.

    Step 2 - Primer

    Then, comes the primer! Not only does it lay the perfect base for your other makeup products, but also ensures your look stays in place all day long.

    Step 3 - Conceal

    Cover up those under eye dark circles with a light and creamy- textured concealer. Apply it in little stripes and then blend using your ring finger for the softest touch.

    Step 4 - Mattify

    If you have a pesky zit or a mark, camouflage it with a full coverage matte foundation. Making the blemish matte is key, since any shine or highlight will exaggerate the size of a blemish. Dab the foundation with a blender to make sure every dimension of your zit is covered.
    A mattifying formula will also help keep the oil that rears its head through the day in check and leaves your makeup intact. Use it on hotspots like the T-zone, sides of the nose and hairline.

    Step 5 - IIlluminate where needed

    You must be careful to not highlight your entire face, only illuminate where needed. Apply the dewy foundation on the highpoints of your face like the top of your cheekbones and cupids bow.
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