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The Hair Affair: Floral Hair Accessories For Summer

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Flower Hair Accessories

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and summer is in the air. While you’re slowly transitioning your wardrobe from those wintery layers to breezy summer styles, don’t forget to do up your hair too. As it turns out, the perfect floral hair accessories can work wonders to ramp up and complete your sunny summer look. ’Coz girls, your hair is your crowning glory, after all.

Let’s take a look at these pretty summer flower hair accessories to style your hair

  • Flower Hair Accessories - Comb

    1. Comb, Comb, My Lady

    Every girl needs to have a messy hair bun in her hairstyle repertoire. We know it can be hard to get that effortless messy bun just right, but we’ve got the perfect two-minute updo for you. Tie your hair in a low ponytail with an elastic band and divide your hair into two sections just above the elastic band creating a narrow gap. Now, flip your ponytail upwards and slip it into the gap you’ve created. Roll the tail of the ponytail upwards and pin it in place. Here’s where your comb-like flower hair accessory comes into play. Insert it into the top of the bun to pull it together and add that touch of springtime glitz to your look.

  • 2. Had Me At Halo

    Elegant braids and half updos look gorgeous when they’re done together. And it’s so easy to execute. Comb your hair back, take some hair from one side in the front and weave it into a simple braid securing it with a simple elastic band. Do the same on the other side and join them together by placing them over the other and pin them at the crown of your head accessorizing this whole do with a dramatic, diamond-studded floral halo. If this doesn’t make you feel like an angel in springtime, we don’t know what will. One of the best floral hair accessories for women to get a simple and elegant look.

    Floral Hair Accessories - Halo
  •  Floral Hair Accessories for Women – Hair Pin

    3. Pin The Tail On Floral

    On days when you think your hair looks half-decent, you can totally pull this hairstyle off with this floral hair piece. First, part your hair on the side you feel comfortable. Next, take a portion of hair on the side with lesser hair. Twist this hair starting from the top till about half way. Pull this twisty back and hold it in place with a clip or a hair pin. If you want to go for some shimmery drama, use a pair of silver, crystal-studded, floral pins to hold your hair in place. And if it’s a subtle albeit cute look that you’re going for, accessorize with a pretty, embellished hair clip. Bring it on, summer!

  • 4. Beat The (Rubber) Band

    When in doubt, go with a ponytail. Whether you like it low or practically sky-high, this hairstyle is easy to do and always looks cool. Our personal favorite, however, is the high ponytail and trust us, it’s really easy to pull off. Gather your hair together at the crown of your head, pulling it upwards (not backwards) as high as you can. Hold the ponytail and smooth out any knots in your hair making it look sleek and smooth. Once you’ve got the perfect placement for your ponytail, hold it in place with a chic and classy flower-inspired rubber band. Voila! You’re all set for some fun in the sun.

    Floral Hair Accessories – Rubber Band
  • Flower Hair Band

    5. Let Your Hair(band) Down

    Having a good hair day? Pick out a hair band from your collection and don it with panache to flaunt your lovely locks. Comb out your hair to get rid of all the knots. If you have bangs, we suggest parting your hair however you feel comfortable and if you don’t, comb your hair back without parting it. Either way, wear your pretty, flower hair band about an inch from your hairline. If you’ve decided to part your hair, make sure your bangs are in front of the hair band, so they soften your face and add that something extra to your look. Whether you’re going for elegant or downright adorable, a floral hair band is the right choice for your look. ‘Coz really, there’s no such thing as too many flowers.

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