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The Holiday Recovery Kit

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The Holiday Recovery Kit - 1
Sore feet, jetlag, sunburnt skin, sea-damaged hair and every limb a different colour. Ever needed a holiday to recover from your holiday? We feel ya! Check out our edit of post-holiday skin care products and excuse yourself from the Sisterhood of Traveling Pains.
This skin-saving product works the graveyard shift to hydrate, refresh and repair while you’re getting your zzzs. A cream-based face mask, Innisfree’s Aloe Revital Sleeping Pack uses organic, amino-rich Jeju Aloe to soothe, repair sun damage and burns. The Aloe Vitalizing Energy potion rejuvenates, removes dead cells and gives back more moisture than any vacation – no matter how tiring – can steal. 
The Holiday Recovery Kit - 2
If you’ve come back from your holiday with the wrong kind of souvenirs – allergies, irritation, burns or bites – get yourself a tub of this miracle cream STAT! Infused with Dead Sea minerals, minus417’s Skin Relief Cream is specifically designed to heal and soothe skin afflictions, from itchiness and acne to psoriasis and seborrhoea. Suitable for all skin types.
The Holiday Recovery Kit - 3
For centuries now, Lavender has worked miracles for the sleepless. According to studies, the natural relaxant increases slow-wave sleep  – those who sniffed it before getting into bed were found to sleep more soundly. So, if your REM cycle’s still stuck on vacation time, use this super soothing Lavender Massage Oil by The Body Shop. Made from Lavender handpicked in the South of France, this one will ease both sore limbs and sleep-deprived eyes.
The Holiday Recovery Kit - 4
Back from the beach with a face that could scare Frankenstein? Say bye-bye to discoloration and pigmentation with this exfoliating cleanser. Comprised of ayurvedic skin care superstars like Neem, Turmeric and Fenugreek, this little tub o’ wonders targets everything from acne and blemishes to open pores and tans. Lather on half a teaspoon mixed with yogurt, and leave it to do its work.
The Holiday Recovery Kit - 5
Too much chlorine or salt water can leave you with dry and brittle hair. Don’t compromise on your swim time, but make sure to give your hair some much-needed TLC with a hardworking hair masque. L’Oreal Professionnel’s Absolut Repair Lipidium Masque has a nourishing formula that brings alive dead, damaged hair and returns any lipids you left in the pool.
The Holiday Recovery Kit - 6
If you’ve spent your summer in a bucolic paradise, readjusting to city life can prove challenging. Check into sensory rehab with Spa Ceylon’s Travel Recovery Set – a trio of organic Ceylon Lemongrass, Lavender and Peppermint. The essential oils deliver a triple whammy of wellness, soothing your senses, relaxing your body and restoring peace.  
The Holiday Recovery Kit - 7
Has your holiday debauchery left you with ugly breakouts and blemishes? Channel the zapping power of star ingredients, Neem and Tea Tree, to cleanse and clear your skin. This facewash moisturizes, banishes bacteria and cools your skin, while the inclusion of Rose extracts shrinks scars. Completely natural, this one’s alcohol, paraben and soap-free.
The Holiday Recovery Kit - 8
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