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The Hottest Fuss-Free Hairstyles This Summer

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The last thing we want to do on a sweltering summer morning is spend precious minutes perfecting a high-end hairstyle, only to reach work with hair that looks like a lion’s mane! The sizzling temp calls for emergency action; a quick masterclass on easy, fuss-free, two-minute hairdos. Here’s Kavya of Streakhuefall laying it all out for you.
1. The Greek Goddess
1. Begin by side-parting your hair and braiding the central crown portion. Remember to take in thin sections from both the sides into the braid. Once you reach the end, secure it at the back with a bobby pin.
2. For the other side of your hair parting, use a small section from behind your ear to create a simple 3-strand braid. Secure this with an elastic band once you reach the end.
3. Use the mid-size attachment of the Roots Curl Pro 501 – Multi Tong Curler to create firm curls.
4. Transform your curls into soft beach waves with the help of the Roots Professional Teezer Brush. End it with a cherry on top, a cute summer hair accessory!
2. Pretty In A Pony
1. Use the Mr. Barber Straits 1100 Hair Straightener to straighten your tresses. Remember that smaller sections give better results.
2. Once that’s done, gather all your hair on one side and tie a low but tight ponytail around the base of your neck. Now create a gap between the base of your pony and pass the length of your hair through it. Twisted ponytail in a jiffy for the perfect summer hairstyle!
3. No Nonsense Chick
1. Use the Philips Hairdryer HP8100/06 to blow-dry your hair for that perfect top-knot.
2. Now using a Vega Wooden Paddle Brush gather all your hair and secure it in a high ponytail.
3. Now all you need to do is swirl the length of your hair around the base of your pony and tuck the end using bobby pins. Stay comfortable yet stylish all day long with this ubercool hairstyle for summer!
Strand Saver Alert!
1. Thought you could get away without using a heat-protecting spray? Not so soon, woman! Talking of which, don’t Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist: High Temperature Protection and a heat styling tool go hand in hand?
2. Never let baby hair get in the way of an otherwise perfect hairdo! Tame your flyaways forever with the help of the Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement for a summer hairstyle to die for.
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