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The Ki & Ka of a working gal’s beauty kit

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In case—like me—you’re wondering about this oddly named film, Ki & Ka, it has nothing to do with the Kapoor surname both actors share. Ki is the end of lad-ki and Ka is the end of lad-ka…hmmm! So apparently the movie is all about love sans gender discrimination. The size XXL hero Arjun Kapoor is spotted romancing the once-upon-a-time size zero diva Kareena Kapoor Khan.  The film also features another classy jodi, Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan. The story is about two people with distinct ideologies; and touches on the issue of gender equality. Arjun wants to be the perfect house husband while Kareena is an ambitious, career oriented girl.
The <i>Ki & Ka</i> of a working gals beauty kit - 1
Inspired by women who toil all day at the office like Kareena, we decided to draw up a list of thing every working gal needs in her office kit. Tight deadlines, angry bosses and impatient co-workers can make an eight hour workday feel like an 18 hour burnout. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look and feel as fresh as a daisy all day, everyday. And you will, with these office-friendly makeup and hair essentials.
Lip and Cheek Stain
The <i>Ki & Ka</i> of a working gals beauty kit - 2
For those mornings when you don't have five minutes to spare, simply dab a bit of color onto your lips and the apples of your cheeks for an instant, put-together look!
Oil-Absorbing Powder
The <i>Ki & Ka</i> of a working gals beauty kit - 3
Stuffy, warm office environments sometimes cause your makeup to take a turn for the worse. Keep a few sheets handy to banish shine or oiliness half way through the day.
Minty Breath
The <i>Ki & Ka</i> of a working gals beauty kit - 4
Nothing's more off putting than stale breath. Keep some mint flavored, sugar-free gum handy. You never know when last-minute meetings will pop up on your calendar, and if people can smell your lunch … well, let's just say it's better that you have these on hand.
Dry Shampoo 
The <i>Ki & Ka</i> of a working gals beauty kit - 5
If your luscious locks end up falling flat midday, give your roots a refreshing pick me up. The perfect formula for voluminous hair that looks squeaky clean, even if it isn't!
Hand Cream 
The <i>Ki & Ka</i> of a working gals beauty kit - 6
You're probably going to run through this stuff quicker than you think. Plus, you'll have the softest, nicest smelling hands in the office!
Lash Curler 
The <i>Ki & Ka</i> of a working gals beauty kit - 7
Oh, what a difference curled lashes can make. Give 'em a quick clamp for instantly bigger and brighter eyes. No one will know you got zero sleep last night!
Hair Ties   
The <i>Ki & Ka</i> of a working gals beauty kit - 8
Some days a gal just has to get her hair out of her face. Buckle down for that presentation your client asked for at 5 p.m. and put your hair up in a chic, high pony!
Facial Mist 
The <i>Ki & Ka</i> of a working gals beauty kit - 9
Give yourself (and your skin) a "wake up call"! Chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants, a quick hit of this stuff will have you saying goodbye to oil, pores and redness without messing up your makeup.
By makeup artist Arshis Javeri (www.arshisjaveri.com)
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