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The Lipstick Bandwagon: Everything You Need To Know About Lipsticks

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Every makeup aficionado will vouch for the fact that nothing changes your game better than the correct shade of lipstick. Usually the last step of your beauty routine, lipstick makeup is hell important, and we aren’t even putting that up for a debate. We’re in the mood for an all-inclusive lipstick class so join right in, honey.
First things first, let’s school you about all the different types of lipstick formulas out there. ‘Cause to take the correct pick, you need to know what’s what of lipstick makeup.

Presenting the different types of lipsticks available to make your lipstick game strong:

Matte Lipstick

For a pout that makes a statement, trust nothing other than a killer matte lipstick. Though a bit drying in nature, this formulation is all about a velvety texture and a matte finish. Perfect for pigmented lips since they provide excellent color payoff.
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Lip Crème

Think care, think crème. Lip crèmes are super moisturizing because they are primarily made of wax and have a higher oil content that their peers. Perfect for everyday wear, cream formulations blur the line between mattes and glosses.
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Lip Crayon

These chubby sticks are experts are multitasking. Line your lips, fill them in, or layer it with a gloss – this beauty excels at every aspect of lipstick makeup. They are also exceptionally good for women who’re constantly on-the-go since it promises easy application.
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Lip Gloss

Lip glosses are the fancier, shinier cousins of the good ol’ bullets. Great for dry thin lips, a lip gloss gives you a semi-sheer, fuller-looking pout. Higher on the moisture and luminosity quotient, this is our blind pick for a full-on glam night.
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Lip Stain

Probably the only kind of stain that we don’t mind being seen with, this pretty tint doesn’t fade away easily. If you want a natural flush of color that’s not in your face but still adds character, look no further. Also, ideally used a cheek stain.
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Lip Liner

Though the original idea behind lip liners were to define your pout and prevent bold colors from bleeding, these slimsticks have come a long way indeed. New-age makeup lovers use these sleek pencils to line their lips and then fill them in. Two-in-one!
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Liquid Lipstick

Talk about magic wands! These start with a glossy texture but transform to a matte or semi-matte finish after application, that lasts for literally days. These matte marvels are currently the hottest chartbusters in the lipstick jungle.
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How To Apply Lipstick

Even though lipstick application comes easy to most of us, there are women who might want to refer to a how to apply lipstick step by step tutorial.

Look no further, here’s the ultimate lipstick makeup guide.

  1. The secret behind how to apply lipstick perfectly is prepping it first. Exfoliation is as important for your lips as it is for your face. Use a gentle lip scrub, like the Kiko Milano Lip Scrub to get rid of the dead cells and soften your pout.
  2. Next up, create the perfect canvas for your lipstick with this texture and colour enhancing superhero. A lip primer smoothens crevices in your lips and ensures that you go on for longer without any retouches. We swear by the NYX Professional Makeup Lip Primer.
  3. Now if you have super pigmented lips that dull down even the brightest of lip shades, what you need in life is an effective lip concealer. Just how you use base for your face, the Innisfree Tapping Lip Concealer tones down the natural lip color so that you can carry off even the boldest pout like a bawse.
  4. For pout perfection, you need to get your lips in line. Though hugely overlooked, a humble lip liner does the mammoth task of ensuring that your lipstick doesn’t bleed or feather, even on a super long day. For a classic red pout, we go with the Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner - Red The Scene.
  5. Finally, how can a how to use lipstick tutorial end without the actual deal, your lip superstar? Finish off with a classic red lipstick, like the Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick - FUSHIA FIX and enjoy all the extra attention.

You Ask, We Answer

Lastly, it’s time to address some of most frequently asked questions about lipstick makeup. Lipstick tips coming right up.

Q: How to make lipstick last longer?

A: For long-lasting transfer-proof results, place a blotting paper between your lips and press them together between reapplications. You could also place a tissue over your pout and dust a bit of setting powder before you go ahead with the second layer.

Q: How to change lip gloss to matte?

A: Once you apply the lip gloss, blot away with a blotting away. Then dip a sponge applicator in your loose powder and apply over your lips. In case you want to intensify the color, repeat the steps for a desirable matte look.

Q: How to change matte lipstick glossy?

A: Scoop out the product from the bullet, mash it up, mix a little clear lip balm and clear gloss into it and your custom-made lip gloss is ready.

Q: Can I use lipstick as a substitute for other makeup products?

A: Of course, you can! You can use your favorite lipcolor as a blush or eyeshadow. You can also use nude shades to contour your face or vibrant shades as color correctors.
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