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The Morning-After Beauty Rehab Post Party Overdose

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Post Party Skin Care Tips & Hair Care Tips

Aaah. Post-party woes aren’t only made of one too many flutes of champagne, endless cheese boards and blurry late nights. In addition to feeling like a lifeless zombie the next day (and missing a shoe or two), our skin and tresses bear the brunt of us fleeting like social butterflies—and looking like one as well (wink wink). But all that OTT makeup all day, everyday can wreak havoc on your skin; oh boy, not to mention all the curling, crimping, straightening and hair spray overload that deems your hair lacklustre and oh-so parched.

So, what’s a girl gotta do? Go for a complete beauty detox ofcourse: which implies saying adios to any kinda makeup and heat-styling products; plus, plying your skin and hair with enough nutrients to bring them back to life.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s our guide to effortlessly detox your hair and skin.

Read on to know about hair and skin care routine with quick hair care & skin care tips after pitchers a season full of margaritas!

  • 10 AM: First stop - Gatorade for a little energy boost; next, get ready to remove last night’s debauchery from your face. Grab a bottle of micellar water or just good ol’ Coconut Oil and get cracking. Follow with a good exfoliator to increase circulation and cell stimulation.
  • 10.30 AM: Hydration, honey! After toning, slather your skin with a restorative serum containing Vitamin C to sweep away all signs of fatigue. Layer with a cream infused with Hyaluronic Acid to instantly perk up tired, parched skin.
  • 10. 45 AM: Tempted to grab last night’s pizza? Stop. Whip up a spinach omelette and grilled tomatoes instead. Don’t forget to sip on green tea to flush out all the toxins.
  • 11.30 AM: Red puffy eyes are oh-so-common after endless rounds of martinis. Quick fix: place a cold spoon on them to awaken them STAT. Alternatively, you can gently massage an eye cream in to de-puff ’em bags.
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  • Post Party Skin Care Tips
    Post Party Hair Care Tips
  • 11.45 AM: Guzzle down a bucket of water. We are kidding (not).
  • 12 PM: Starting to feel like a human again? Well, time to show your tresses some TLC. Warm Olive Oil/Coconut Oil and massage into your scalp with your finger-tips. Now wrap a hot damp towel around your hair and let the goodness seep in. This is one of the effective hair care tips.
  • 12.30 PM: Relax. Netflix. Rejuvenate. Indulge in a glass of buttermilk maybe?
  • 1.15 PM: Sorry girly, nap time can wait. A good Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner will wake up your poor distressed tresses. So long, unpleasant whiff of second-hand cigarette smoke, alcohol and sweat.
  • 1.45 PM: For an extra dose of love, slather your towel-dried strands with a luscious leave-in hair cream or a nutrient rich serum (containing Camellia Oil). Air dry. No heat styling allowed.
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  • 2 PM: Lunch is served. Swap creamy pastas or greasy Chinese with brown rice, grilled chicken or stir-fry vegetables that are nutritious, wholesome and oh-so easy to digest.
  • 3 PM: Fine. We will allow you a little shut-eye; andit comes with a side of a potent sheet mask. We recommend a charcoal mask for a quick detox sesh.
  • 4 PM: Feeling peckish? Grab a handful of nuts or a glass of veggie juice/smoothie for those 4 p.m. hunger pangs. Yummy.
  • 5 PM: Sweat out the toxins by going for a walk or doing some power yoga. With this skin care tip, your skin will thank you. Promise.
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    Post Party – Natural Hair Care Tips
  • 6.30 PM: You need all the probiotics you can get. Grab a cup of good ol’ Greek yoghurt that aids in digestion and diminishes that belly bloat all at once.
  • 8 PM: Post dinner, we recommend incorporating Multi-Vitamins and Omega-3 Fatty Acids supplements to boost skin and hair health. 
  • 9 PM: Nightcap for your skin and tresses? Yes, please! After your C&T routine, apply a gentle peeling serum (that lifts away dead skin cells). Top it with a potent night cream that moisturizes, brightens uneven skin tone etc. A leave-in night mask is also a great idea.
  • 10 PM: Early to bed, early to rise…you know the drill. Bonus tip: Add a silk pillowcase to keep your hair smooth, soft and frizz-free.
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