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The New Clinique Moisture Surge With SPF 25 Will Give Your Skin- 36O Degree Protection

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Review of Moisture Surge With SPF 25

Our skin bears the brunt of aggressors, never-ending pollution and harsh climatic conditions on a day-to-day basis. The outcome? Water-deficit dermis with a compromised acid mantle— prone to accelerated ageing and sun-induced damage. To help navigate this prevalent concern, the most sought-after skincare brand Clinique has launched a new rendition of their Moisture Surge offering, now with SPF 25! A new and improved version of the marque enterprise’s bestseller offering— 100 H auto replenishing hydrator which seeps into the skin, keeping it supple and smooth for hours at a stretch!

I have been an ardent devotee of the brand due to their infallible science backed-formulas perched on exceedingly transparent, brand ethos. So, naturally, I got my hands on the newest brew, which also offers sun protection. Excited to test and try an all-encompassing formula, one which will drive away my skin woes, I record my first-hand experience with the debutant. Here's hoping it helps you make an informed decision.

What Makes Moisture Surge With SPF 25 Stand Out?

The one, cardinal thumb rule of skincare you must abide by —never skimp on your sun protectant. Whether the sun is shining in all its glory or hidden behind a swathe of clouds, lathering an SPF-enriched formula is non-negotiable.

Now as a beauty editor, sifting and reviewing products is my bread and butter. But I rarely come across that one product (even in a saturated market) which is willing to offer a 360-degree shield for the skin. This new offering is all set to disrupt the market. It packs exceptional hydrating properties (due to the presence of the humectant hyaluronic acid) in a sheer, SPF-laden moisturiser (the cloudlike formula fends off 96% of UVB rays). So, save yourself the stress of layering ‘n’ different products on the skin with a one-stop solution for glowing, protected skin.

Hero Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid: Acting as a moisture bank for the skin
Activated Aloe Water: For putting a sturdy lock on the moisture content
SPF 25: For shielding the skin against 96% of detrimental UV rays
Vitamin D For fortifying the skin barrier and promoting its good health

My Honest Takeaway

I have been using the new Moisture Surge With SPF for over a fortnight, and am happy to concur that my skin has never been happier. I reside in Mumbai, a city subjected to mind-numbing rainfall and aggressive humidity (as we speak), which makes me steer clear of heavy creams (in general) that feel icky on application. Luckily, the new Moisture Surge With SPF follows in the footsteps of the OG offering and is lightweight. It infuses beautifully into the skin without leaving behind a white cast despite brimming with SPF. It looks jaw-droppingly invisible on the skin- take my word for it. The hydration prowess of this high-performing moisturiser is uncontested. Despite braving the rains, sitting in an air-conditioned office and being subjected to the grime of life as I take public transportation — my skin looks radiant and alive at the end of the day. The rich formula is lightly fragranced which never fails to alleviate the stress and strain of my day. The potent formulation delivers an incredible base for the rest of my makeup, a must-try, in my humble opinion.

Double down on a 360-degree protection approach for your skin by grabbing this tub from Nykaa.com. It's worth every dime.

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