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The New It Girl Manicure – Chrome Nails and 5 Ways to Wear This Trend

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best chrome manicure ideas

Whether you like to sport stilettos nails or fancy your manicure short, round, and shapely – a little pomp couldn’t hurt. And the best way to achieve this feat? Jumping on the chrome nail bandwagon, a novelty of the ‘90s that’s having a moment under the sun (as you read this).

Flaunted by Hollywood A-listers like Dua Lipa, Zendaya, and more, chrome nails involve buffing with a reflective, mirror-like shine, which tastefully subdues the hue. Dubbed the new It Girl manicure, you can adopt this fad across colours and styles. Team it up with the classic French or add a futuristic spin with intricate metallic adornments – the world is your oyster.

On that note, we are listing the best chrome manicure ideas, which you can take to your next salon appointment. Scroll further to see which rendition fits your vibe!

Pink Power

pink chrome nails

Nothing like a wash of pink to perk up your mood! The pink chrome nails, a hit with celebrities like Selena Gomez and Jenna Ortega, is an inventive take on Barbiecore. It adds a whole lot of spunk to a soft, romantic vibe that is pink!

Occasion: Perfect for a night at the club with your girlies!

White Opulence

white chrome nails

A swipe of neutrals like white exudes an understated opulence and sophistication. To this pearlescent swathe, add a sprinkling of blinding shine – a set of jaw-dropping nails. The trend is also touted as an extension of the quiet luxury beauty aesthetic and is often spotted on the likes of Emma Chamberlain and Dua Lipa.

Occasion: This manicure transitions exceptionally from a clean-cut office look to the ‘out on the town’ party gal.

Chrome Half-Moons

chrome French Manicure

An amalgamation of classic French and chrome, replace the traditional white tip with an iridescent half-moon. We recommend solid colours like teal, aqua, and blood red if you wish to stand out in the crowd. You can further jazz up this nail design by introducing a sprinkle of glitter on the bed or the ‘contemporary French mani tip.’

Occasion: Channelling the disco vibe of the concrete jungle in the ‘80s, this nail makeover is perfect for the dance floor.

Aura Nails Supremacy

Aura nails in chrome finish

Aura nails meld hues of green, blue, and red to depict an individual’s personality and current state of mind. This nail trend rallies for intuitive use (as stated earlier) of colours in no particular fashion and is sweeping social media, with ‘how to’ tutorials on TikTok raking in 300 million odd views! Our favourite version, however, involves a slather of chrome powder on the artistry, delivering a high-powered shine mani and adding a hint of mystery (reminiscent of aura paintings).

Occasion: Anywhere and everywhere. Match your nails with your ‘vibe’! No pun intended.

3-D Chrome Nails

3-D Chrome nail designs

But why not broaden our horizon of nail art designing – with the captivating use of silver details in swirls or embellishments heaved from the base? This 3-D version of the chrome trend, breathes life into art, no matter what the vision. So, what are you waiting for? Indulge your whimsies and create never-seen-before mani-masterpieces.

Occasion: A music fest, an evening of clubbing, or a regular Tuesday!

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