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The New Kay Beauty Lip Oil Is A Revelation

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review of Kay Beauty Hydrating Lip Oil

I may step outdoors with a no-makeup face, slathered generously with a moisturising formula and SPF (no compromises) only. But a bare pucker is a rarity for yours truly. For those who know me up close and personal — I fancy a pout that emanates a blinding shine with just a tincture of colour. This fixation with sporting a gloss-coated pucker explains the litany of lip essentials adorning my vanity — the latest addition being Kay Beauty’s satiating lip oil.

Lip oils, although not a novel beauty offering, have been creating quite a stir on social media lately. They bestow the user with the best of both worlds: hydration and nourishment of a lip balm and the glossy shine of a gloss. Intrigued by the virality of this nifty li’l offering, I had been wanting to jump on the trend bandwagon — could the timing of this launch be more perfect?

I share with you here my experience with the one-of-a-kind Kay Beauty Lip Oil. Scroll further for my honest takeaway to make an informed decision.

Why Kay Beauty Lip Oil Is A Must Have For Vanity?

The Goodness Of Balm And Appeal Of Gloss In A Single Product

Just like the face, the pucker bears the brunt of weather extremities, external aggressors, and never-ending pollution. Furthermore, the tissues on the lips are tender, brittle and more prone to damage. To keep concerns of dryness and flakiness at bay, I switched my go-to gloss with the hydrating Kay Beauty Lip Oil and my life has never been the same.

The innovative formula hugs my lips while providing them with a deliciously sheer coat. Non-greasy, not even in the slightest — the potent oil keeps the pucker moisturised throughout the clock while emphasising the natural colouring of my lips. The MVP of this hybrid offering is Kakuda plum, which brings forth an abundance of vitamin C. For the unversed, the potent antioxidant (vitamin C) shields the pucker from oxidative damage induced by extrinsic factors. Additionally, this infallible oil also features chamomile oil, which creates a voluptuous, jelly-like structure on the lips against UV rays, dirt and grime of the world.

I have also been summoning this concoct right before bed and waking up to lush lips! An equivalent of serum for the lips, the oil, packed with fatty acids, promotes overnight cell repair and regeneration. Adding to the plethora of reasons why the oil is a bonafide alternative to a lip night treatment.

Perfect For A Clean Look Or A Head-Grabbing Glazed Lip Look

If you champion the cause of minimalism or the clean beauty aesthetic, like me, this lip oil is for you. All you need is a single, intuitive swipe of this concentrate to create a head-lining lip moment! To build a snatched look, you may team this oil with a liner for a glazed and hydrated pout that’s bound to turn many heads.

Parting Thoughts

The marque brand Kay Beauty does it again with this top-notch offering —by creating a cross between supercharged skincare and high-performance makeup. This coveted lip oil is an easy-breezy way to flaunt a powerful shine atop the lips, sans the worry of ‘em drying out or becoming flaking. The offering is also economical, sitting at INR 899 apiece, contrary to my belief that niche offerings like lip oils burn a hole in the pocket. Gentle (vis-à-vis the ingredient glossary) and efficacious, I will be hoarding this inventive offering, cent per cent!

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