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The New Serial Kisser Tinted Lip Balm By Nykaa Is A Revelation

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Don’t get it twisted I have been a makeup enthusiast all my teenhood—way before venturing into the world of beauty writing. But on most days, a jam-packed schedule with ‘n’ number of places to be— there is seldom time to squeeze in even a quick glam sesh before stepping outdoors. Atop that, the mere thought of donning a face of makeup, laying bare to the sweltering Mumbai heat, is reason enough to steer clear of my vanity. And my only resort on said days is to run a brush through the tangled mess of my hair and hope to feel centred, and appear presentable. Or so I believed, up till now!

I recently stumbled upon the Serial Kisser Tinted Lip Balms By Nykaa and in the process, have unveiled a no-sweat, no-frills way of amping up my appearance. This nifty little handbag hero wields the immense power to elevate my spirit with just one swipe, nothing more. Imbued with the goodness of Vitamin E and Shea Butter, it deeply nourishes the lips while coating them with gorgeous colours.

The exquisitely-creamy formula hugs the lips and keeps the moisture intact all day long. It's the ideal substitute for an archetype of lip colour that tends to dry out my lips when sported for a prolonged period. I have been making the best out of this wonder stick for a lustrous sheen over a pop of colour on my lips and cannot lay enough emphasis on the versatility of this offering! Available in 5 different hues, one for every mood that you wish to channel!

1. Shopping Spree Mood - Raspberry

A burst of juicy raspberry on the lips is effortlessly chic for an afternoon of window shopping or even a coffee run with the girls.

2. Girls' Night Out - Chocolate

Exude charm and elegance on the dance floor with a strobe of this delicious chocolate-tinted balm over your lips. The shade has emerged as my go-to lippy, as it instantly gives me a boost of confidence!

3. Brunch Mood - Strawberry

Current Mood: Everything sunshine and rainbows. Flaunt the perfect strawberry-hued pucker for brunch with your gal pals!

4. Work Mode - Pomegranate

Morph into the assertive and confident girl boss with a swap of the Pomegranate tint. The pop of colour is bound to give you the courage of conviction to conquer every boardroom meeting (speaking from experience)!

5. Date Night Look - Cherry

You can never falter with red, which explains why the cherry lip-tinted balm ought to be your first pick for a date night. An epitome of glamour and poise, a single swipe will ensure you put your best, most self-assured foot forward! Channel your inner Goddess with this glorious shade.

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