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The ‘Nudge’ You Need To Keep Your Hydration Game On Point This Summer

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Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate - we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Sunny summers (read: humid) are here and this is your cue to whip out those big water jugs and set hydration reminders on your smart phones. As busy as you may be, staying hydrated can never take a back seat. And, if you’re someone who struggles to drink enough water during the day, you might just need a ‘Nudge’ to stop yourself from becoming the human embodiment of a dried prune. You can probably tell where this is headed, but before we get to the point, let’s talk facts. When it comes to hydration, that fatigue-killing cup of iced coffee or fruit juice just doesn't cut it. Excessive consumption of caffeine, aerated or fizzy drinks, fried foods, and sweets can dehydrate the body. 7 out of 10 people struggle with this issue and it can result in muscle cramps, headaches, chapped lips, and fatigue. So the next time you feel like you have 0 energy even after a good night’s sleep, ask yourself, “Did I hydrate myself enough?”.

If the answer is ‘no’, here’s where you might need that ‘Nudge’ we’ve been talking about. It’s an all-new electrolyte powder that helps keep you hydrated and fulfil your body’s daily nutritional needs. Our bodies are complex but only need 6 simple nutrients or ‘nudgets’ as we like to call them — hydration, proteins, vitamins and minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and fibres. Nudge makes getting all 6 nutrients super simple - just grab a 5 gram sachet and mix it into 250 ml of water to help relieve yourself of dehydration, muscle soreness, and feel energised instantly. Available in lemon, orange, and green apple flavour, it works to energise the body faster than your average drink of water. It’s functional, convenient and backed by science - what’s not to love? All variants come in travel-friendly sachets to detox and cleanse your body, while keeping you hydrated on-the-go. Got a favourite flavour? Now use it to keep your hydration game on point.

Nudge Hydration Enhancer - Electrolyte Drink Mix - Orange Flavour

Nudge Hydration Enhancer - Electrolyte Drink Mix - Lemon Flavour

Nudge Hydration Enhancer - Electrolyte Drink Mix - Green Apple Flavour

Tip: We recommend consulting with your doctor before consuming any supplements or enhancers. Consume this only to support your hydration levels.

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