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The Nykaa Army Reveals Their Bedtime Beauty Rituals

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Over the years, we’ve learnt the importance of a night time skincare routine (I have not learnt it the easy way). So, I know that if I sleep with a full face of makeup on, bouts of painful acne will appear the very next day (what an absolute delight). Different products cater to varying skin types, so customising a routine with products that sit well with your skin is crucial. I have come to the conclusion that not all makeup cleansers suit my skin. After testing a few in the past year, it’s safe to say that I swear by the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and a thin layer of a healing cream from the same brand before I conk out. But that's just me. I reached out to the Nykaa Army (because I’m curious, obvi) to understand their  bedtime beauty routine, secrets, and personal favourite night time routines.

Vinita Daga, 29

“I am very erratic with my night time routine.Well, I do have one that I indulge in every single day, but the level of indulgence depends on how much of a wind-down I need which can be anywhere between 2 steps to 7 steps. For the most part, I end up with a 2 step routine which is—I will wash my face and get the dirt of life off it. I don’t go in with the toner as I don’t have open pores or oily skin. Then I will go in with the hyaluronic acid, to help better absorb the retinol that I apply next. I have just started my anti-ageing routine so I end up using retinol 4 to 5 days a week under the eyes and around the mouth, areas where fine lines first begin to surface. Next, I slap on a layer of moisturiser to create a hydration sandwich of retinol between hyaluronic acid and the moisturiser which I love. If I feel a little too indulgent I top it off with an under eye cream followed by a lip mask from Laneige.

Akansha Gupta, 27

“I stick to a simple skincare routine. I don't believe in putting too much on my face and usually don't need it. For my night treatment, I go in with the Neutrogena face wash which caters to people with normal to oily skin. I will top it off with my Ponds Gel to hydrate my face. Above everything, on some nights I go for a lip treatment from Laneige.

Anubhuti Arya, 27

“The first thing I do is take off my makeup with the Dot and Key Cleansing balm and once that's done I follow up with a salicylic acid-based cleanser. I have had a recent bout of acne, and am still prone to breakouts. Also, I have exceedingly dry skin which makes it a tough combination and demands me to hydrate on the reg. After this lather a hyaluronic acid-based serum and Vitamin C. To top it off I apply a Ceramide based moisturiser that works well for my dry skin and also my acne.”

Aarohi Roy, 30

“My bedtime routine includes a whole lot of processes because I have oily skin. I live in Mumbai which means I need a shower post work. Following my shower when everything is bare and ready to soak I put on a layer of hyaluronic serum by Nykaa SKINRX after which I wait out 5 minutes before applying a gentle moisturiser by Cetaphil. Every once in a while I use a sleeping mask — love the one by Dot And key to hydrate my skin.”

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