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The Nykaa Army Reviews Kay Beauty’s Fresh Line Of HD Liquid Colour Correctors

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Looking back, do you remember learning about the colour wheel as kids? (I clearly do, and I found it pretty fascinating.) Well, when I tried my first set of colour correctors it reminded me of th3 colour wheel—except this time I found a product that instantly transformed my face. In a way, beautifully hiding all my insecurities.

Typically, colour correctors work on the basic cancelling abilities of shades that sit opposite on the colour wheel. For instance, if you’re looking to cancel out your red spots or acne, you’d pick a green colour corrector to neutralise the difference. If your skin is dull and greyish, you’d need an orange or peach corrector to brighten up your complexion. The trick is to find the right shade for the right concerns and undertones, following that up with some concealer to even out, and lock in all that effort with a compact powder or foundation.

Finding a good corrector is what makes all the difference, though. Thus, we’re super excited when our in-house beauty line that we co-created with our favourite girl, Katrina Kaif, launched a fresh line of correctors called Kay Beauty’s HD Liquid Colour Correctors The formulas packed in easy-to-use, scoop and sculpt bottles allow you to camouflage everything from pigmentation to dark circles, and stubborn acne spots. Packed with caring ingredients like marula oil and rosehip oil promised to hydrate and nourish your skin as the formulation stays with you and keeps your makeup locked. If you’re curious to know what the Nykaa Army thought about the correctors, keep scrolling.

kay beauty products

Anubhuti Arya

Verdict: “I got the Lavender corrector to cover up my acne, and can't emphasise enough how beautifully it worked. The Kay Beauty HD corrector not only covered my acne marks but also evened out my super dry skin. I just used a pea-sized dot of this corrector on my ring finger and patted it on my acne marks. The creamy texture helped me even out my base for a seamless foundation. Voila, that was all I had to do!

kay beauty products

Sakina Kankroliwala

Verdict: “As someone who suffers from discolouration and dark circles, Kay beauty's peach colour corrector is a blessing in disguise. Lightweight and creamy, this corrector conceals dark spots. All it took me was a  thin layer of this corrector under my eyes, around my mouth and then topped it off with my CC cream to achieve a pretty, dreamy complexion. What's better? I don't need a lot of foundation or concealer when I use this corrector.

kay beauty products

Rebecca Abraham

Verdict:  “I tried the Yellow liquid beauty corrector and it helped me brighten my skin and cover up my dark circles at the same time. It's easy to blend and is a lightweight formula that has helped my makeup stay in place for longer today. The saying ‘a little goes a long way’ holds true here, just a small drop of product blends perfectly for a flawless base for my makeup.”

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