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The Only Eyebrow Grooming Guide You Need

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Enough of long lectures on matte lipsticks and foundation formulations, this class is all about giving credit where it’s due. Eyebrows should your number one priority since they predominantly frame your face but end up getting overlooked most days. Yep, we see that guilty face. Good for you, all of that is going to change after this read. Perfect eyebrows exist and we’re going to show you how.

Read on to know how to shape and style eyebrows:

  1. Firstly, stop with the random everyday tweezing. The first rule of shaping your brows is to let them grow completely. Six to eight weeks is the ideal brow grow-out time. So, leave them alone to reach your full brow potential.

  2. Next up, you need to identify your eyebrow shape. Hold a makeup brush vertically over a nostril, that’s the spot where your brow should begin. Pivot the upper end of the pencil to the outside of your iris to find the arch and then to the outermost tip of your eye to mark the end of your brow.

  3. Here’s the part where you go snip, snip, snip. Note that this step might give you cold feet initially, but you’ll be a pro with a little practice. First up, sweep the hair strands upwards towards your forehead, using a clean eyebrow brush or spoolie. As per the laws of trimming, it’s the length that looks messy and not the sprouting. Hence, we aim at trimming the longer strands without risking a rather too-close crop. Using a pair of slanted grooming scissors, trim one long strand at a time. Once done, brush them back to their natural position.

  4. Where the scissors can’t venture, put the eyebrow tweezer to test. To achieve the most painless pluck, tweeze stray strands in the direction of hair growth while holding the skin taut. Also, tweeze right after a warm shower since steam softens hair follicles. Don’t fuss about baby hair, remember that bushy boy brows are back in trend. Remember that when it comes to brow tweezing, the mantra is to underdo and not overdo. Finally, soothe the area using a little Aloe gel.

Threading and waxing are goin’ outta the window, here’s an eyebrow grooming tutorial that you’ll be using for life.

Thought that is all there is to eyebrow grooming? Think again. Let’s put it straight, eyebrow makeup is underrated and how. The best eyebrow makeup products have the power to make or break an entire look, which is why this brow makeup tutorial is gold.
  1. Faking fuller brows looks easy but isn’t a cakewalk, especially if you have sparse spots. But worry not. Firstly, fix a shade that’s the closest to the color of your natural brow. As for the formulation, pick whatever comes easy to you – gels, pencils, powder, or pomades. Lightly line the upper and lower edge of your brow. Now using short feathery strokes, fill in between the edges.

  2. Next up, run a spoolie or a clear mascara brush through your eyebrows to give your work a more natural finishing touch. You can also give them a slight upward sweep to make them look wider and fuller.

  3. A rather droopy arch spoiling the final look? Get your brows on fleek with your regular concealer and highlighter. Dab a little concealer under your brow bone to define the arch. Now fake a mini eye-lift by brushing a little highlighter around that patch and walk out with brows that can literally make people bow! Amen.

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