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The Only Foot Care Files You Need This Winter

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Nothing feels as good as overlooking the chilly season – a solid two months of snuggling under the quilt while your alarm snoozes away to glory. But while you’re busy reviving your winter wardrobe for this year’s run, your (chapped) feet are silently screaming for attention.
Well, looks like we’ve done the deed for you. Here’s a lowdown of the best pamper prezzies for your overworked feet, so that you don’t have to swap your favorite strappies with boots this winter. Geddit?

Read on to know how to protect feet in winter:

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    Scrub It Nasty

    Love exfoliating your face, right? So, what’s the problem with your feet, boo? In fact, your feet need some extra tough love, considering how dry and rough they tend to become. Not only does scrubbing your feet help avoid ugly calluses, but they also relieve achy feet. Once a week is more than enough but make that twice if you’re cursed with super parched feet.

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  • Wonders Of The Stone

    Fun fact: Pumice is formed when hot lava mixes with water and hardens. And trust us, nothing sloughs away dead skin as easily as this porous and abrasive beauty. Couple this with the master scrapper a.k.a. the foot file and you’ll have heels as soft as a baby’s buttocks. Just keep the scrubbing business in check… you don’t want to overdo it and draw blood. Oops.

    #BBLoves Vega Footmouse and Roots Professional Peditrix Electric Foot Filing Machine

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    Keeping It Creamy

    After that slightly harsh clean-up process, it’s time for some moisturizing care. This, in fact, should be the key step in your winter foot care routine since we’re talking about dehydrated, flaky feet here. Foot creams are the best BFFs that distressed heels could ask for. Post this, slip into a pair of cotton socks so that your feet can lap up the moisture while you catch some zzz’s.

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  • Massage Therapist On Duty

    There’s no problem in life that a killer foot massage can’t solve. Yep, the blessed massage that you receive during a pedicure does serve the purpose for a bit but it’s equally important to keep it going at home. In fact, experts believe that the benefits of a winter foot massage go way beyond healing cracked feet. The correct oil and techniques boost blood circulation and ease muscle tension, especially if you need to be on your feet for long hours.

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    Next stop is your cuticles. We realise that nails are overhyped, which is why our cuticles are left dying for attention on most days. Consider this as a call for action. After thoroughly moisturizing your feet, gently push back excess cuticles. You could also put a cuticle eraser to test, before soothing the area with a cuticle balm/oil.

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  • Foot Masking 101

    Off days are for masking. Period. Speaking of masks, foot masks are the new drug and we’re self-confessed addicts. Honestly, you’ll find us masking our face and feet simultaneously on a Sunday. While some masks up the hydration game by a few levels, some peel away all the dry skin instantly. Doesn’t get better than this, right?

    #BBLoves Innisfree Special Care Mask – Foot and It's Skin Selfcare Foot Peeling

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