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The perfect haircut for every face shape

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Getting a haircut is quite a BIG deal and can be excruciatingly confusing! Agree, ladies? Your dream haircut rarely becomes a reality, you end up berating yourself for the poor life choices you make and your self-esteem hits an all time low. Phew, the stuff that we have to go through for that  one perfect haircut! Believe it or not, we’ve discovered ways to skip all the unnecessary drama and get the perfect haircut that suits your face shape and make your heart skip a beat every time you take a peek at yourself in the mirror!
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Round Face
The perfect haircut for every face shape - 1

Bob Haircut

Bobs are BEAUTIFUL. Keep it long or even wavy, your locks are going to look super chic. A bob haircut literally has the power of multi-tasking: They elevate your cheekbones and flatter every angle of your face!

Bold Bangs

Don’t let “getting bangs” just be a thought! Bangs look super sassy and according to hairstylists have the charm to accentuate your perfect pout.

Long Layers

Make your long hair manageable with fabulous layers. Kate Middleton popularized this haircut and if it worked out well for the Duchess, it will most definitely work wonders for your pretty round face!
Heart - Shaped Face
The perfect haircut for every face shape - 2

Pixie Haircut

A pixie haircut is the most flattering look for a heart-shaped face. Show off your best features with the help of this cut and manage to make your hair look stylish all the time!

Side-swept Bangs

The best thing about having side-swept bangs is that it cuts your face at the perfect angle, showing off the best of your bone structure!

Long BOB

A long bob will most definitely take you a long way up the trendsetting ladder. A lob will create the perfect illusion of a dainty jawline and soften any strong features that take away from the charm and grace of your face!
Oval Shape
The perfect haircut for every face shape - 3

Medium-length Waves

The length in itself of this cut is extremely flattering for an oval shaped face. The waves tend to add volume to your hair and will definitely draw out your fabulous cheekbones!

Feather Haircut

Go back in time and get this long-lost haircut, if you have an elegant oval-shaped face. This haircut is perfect to NOT let your jawline look OTT elongated!

Grown-out Pixie

Take a leaf out of Emma Watson’s stylish book and experiment with a long pixie cut! The length, especially near the temples balances the face shape from the chin to the forehead, defining every perfect inch of your face.
Square Face
The perfect haircut for every face shape - 4

Asymmetrical Layers

Our face is not totally symmetrical, so matching up your layers exactly can actually have a hardening effect of your face. Asymmetrical layers look utterly gorgeous and sexy as hell on a strong, square face!

Eye-skimming Bangs

Refrain from cutting too-blunt bangs that tend to accentuate square jaws. Breezy, sides-wept bangs take the edge off angular lines and draw attention to your pretty peepers!
We hope our efforts inspired you to get a cute hair-cut that suits you right away! Book your appointments at the best of salons right here and let the experts snip your way to some major hair-envy.
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