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The Power of Minerals

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The Power of Minerals - 1
These natural wonders can transform your skin
Do you read product labels to know what ingredients are present in your makeup or skin care products you are using? There are hosts of ingredients present in them and you can hardly tell which ones are those that will benefit your skin. You might want to take a look at the ones that contain minerals in them. We spoke to a few experts to find out how the presence of minerals can make a difference.
Pools of rich resources
Dr. Rashmi Shetty, a pioneer and leading expert for Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine in India, tells us how the three minerals, zinc, magnesium and copper are the most important minerals that can be found in a skin care product. "Zinc acts as a fantastic sun block. It is an ingredient that is present in most sunscreen products. It is helps in wound healing and preventing acne growth. It even acts as a great anti oxidant," she says.
Iron is recommended for those suffering from hair fall. It also helps in solving the darkness of the under eye and those having pale skin. Magnesium is known as a great mineral to help in the maintenance of skin. "Aluminium is used in antiperspirants giving the all-dry feeling in place of sweating. Of course, there is calcium as well that helps keep bones strong, it is anti inflammatory and helps in the formation of the epidermis," she adds.
Dr. Kiran Lohia, a Columbia University graduate and a United States trained M.D, specializing in Dermatology, says that there are innumerable minerals that can help your skin glow. She is in agreement of the use of zinc oxide in most brands for sun block. They are known to provide coverage that protects your skin and does not allow the rays of the skin to enter and degenerate it.
"Titanium dioxide is also a great mineral used for its sun block properties. Both of them provide protection from the UVA rays that causes ageing, pigmentation and irritation and UVB rays that causes tanning and skin cancer," she states.
Prone to Allergies
It is really difficult to tell what you are allergic to unless you have a detailed clinical allergy test done. It could be any ingredient in the product that has caused you an allergy. Dr. Shetty says, "Every ingredient obviously contains more than just one ingredient. The best way to determine the suitability of a product for your skin is to do a patch test." She suggests the use of a little bit of the product on the back of your ear lobe and wait to see for a day or two on whether it is safe for use. The last thing you want is to go into an anaphylactic reaction.
Dr. Lohia suggests a much more cautious approach by saying that you must stop everything you are using the moment you see that your skin is reacting to something and get an allergy test done. This is because a lot of times you even tend to develop an allergy due to a product that you have been using for quite some time.
"You can use a cleanser that is free from sulphate, lanolin, artificial fragrances and nickel. Artificial fragrance is one of the common factors for allergies. Make sure to choose a product that is hypoallergenic or fragrance free," she states.
Preventive Care is Necessary
It is a known fact that 80% of ageing is caused due to exposure to the sun. Applying sunscreen will go a long way in delaying the ageing process. Dr. Shetty recommends the use of a good moisturizer or sunscreen. "These days most women are working by the time they are 25. They indulge in drinking and smoking as well. As a result, their skin care goes for a toss. In such cases it becomes important for them to have a skin care regimen," she shares.
The younger skin is oilier. In such a situation, Dr. Lohia recommends the use of mineral makeup that is matte. It helps to absorb the oil on the face. "Use those that are non comedogenic," she suggests. Older skin on the other hand, is much drier and requires to be moisturized often. They can use makeup that is cream and moisturizer based.
"Mineral based makeup is safer and they are indeed really great products as compared to other colour cosmetics," says Dr. Lohia when asked to state the difference between mineral and non-mineral makeup. Also, she suggests the use of Retinol, vitamin A products to improve collagen synthesis
Brand Search & Continuity
With globalisation, a number of international brands walked into India letting us avail of every product there is in the global market. "There isn't a single product that is unavailable in India today. Be it Clarins or L'Occitane, you can find them here," she emphasizes. However, she says that if you do pick up something while you are travelling and is not available back home then it is not a good idea if you are not going to continue it. This will affect your skin in the long run.
Dr. Lohia is all for trying new products but asks you to be careful. "By all means try new products but make sure you try one new product at a time and that they are dermatologically tested and non comedogenic," she says.
Dr. Shetty recommends the use of Avène Thermal Sprayis. She further adds, "It is a great product in water format that you can spray on your face to feel fresh. It treats damaged skin and calms skin that is irritated." She says that it makes you feel refreshed even if you spray it over your makeup.
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