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The Prince Charming Look Guide To Woo Your Tinderella

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If you’ve not heard of Tinder, Bumble, Happn or even Mingle, good for you! You’ve probably been in a real life, long-term relationship for some time. But while you were struck, hard, by Cupid’s arrow, love moved on – online, to be precise. Welcome to the world of digital dating: here, an opposable thumb is synonymous to a magic wand. Just swipe right if you like the princess perched atop your screen, or left, if the damsel-in-distress doesn’t catch your fancy.
So, whatever the reason you’re playing the cyber field – one thing’s for sure: if your style ain’t on point, kiss tonight’s ‘happy ending’ (wink, wink) buh-bye! Simply put, follow this style guide and we promise: the curse of the bad first date will forever be broken. Below is every type of gal you’ll encounter virtually, and how to hit her sweet spot, visually.
Boardroom Boss
This woman calls a glass-doored cabin her throne. Although amateurs hopelessly say she’s impossible to please, our style experts cracked the code so you can knock her off her feet. Looking as dapper as Don Draper will get you far, but add our secret love potion (a dash of wit with oodles of humor) to the mix, and you’ll soon be a steadfast ally.
Style Files: Ban the beard and sport the classic, clean-shaved face with Braun Series 3 3040 Rechargeable Wet & Dry Electric Foil Shaver. Over a sharp, fitted suit-and-tie, throw on a feather-light, patent leather belt such as Ray & Dale’s - Faustino Reversible Belt and matching moccasins to add some oomph. Finish off with the eclectic Bubber Couture’s Funky Assorted Pocket Squares, set of 4 and you’re all set to woo.
P.S. Don’t skip the bouquet – after all, she does adore hopeless romantics!
Dancefloor Diva
This bae’s all about a throwback to the ‘80s. Think shiny, disco balls, roller-blades and groovy tunes. Woohoo. She loves nothing more than kicking off her stilettos, glass of Chardonnay in hand and dancing the night away. While brushing up on some slick J Beiber routines, be sure to take it up a notch. Reserve the most-coveted loveseat at a neighborhood club.
Style Files: You wanna show her a wild night, so keep it comfy yet sexy. Get into the flow with an all-out hipster vibe. Over a buttoned down shirt, slip on your favorite shade of ankle-length chinos (brown can never be wrong). The low-key ensemble paired with suede loafers will work wonders. Add accouterments like The Bro Code’s Brown Leather Bracelet – Brown, The Bro Code’s Red Canvas Belt and Ray & Dale Red Bolt Sunglasses to complete the look.
Bohemian Beauty
The artsy, whimsical and quirky all fall in this category. This kind of chick is gregarious, easygoing, and absolutely loves experimenting. While there won’t be a moment of boredom with this beauty, if catching a movie or bowling is too mainstream, you can always do the next best thing – try out a new cuisine.
Style Files: This kind of date will appreciate the ‘keep-it-cas’ approach. And here’s your first-date uniform unveiled: V-neck tee, ripped denim shorts and white kicks. Men’s fashion doesn’t get simpler than this. Funk it up with sunnies from Ray & Dale’s Alexander-Purple Haze Sunglasses and spritz on a love elixir like Calvin Klein’s Eternity Intense Eau De Toilette For Men.
Chic Fashionista
This ‘It Girl’ is the ultimate trend-setter. Unveiling a new closet collection each season, she will never falter with fashion. She has a certain joie de vivre about her as she sips on cuppa joe, while skimming through Vogue. With this babe, be sure to look HOT as hell!
Style Files: Head out to the latest roof-top bar, clad in the latest craze: millennial minimalism. Team a neutral colored Henley Tee in space gray or muted blue with a punch of color like burgundy, a hue usually reserved for the fashion-brave. On this date, nothing but cuffed trousers will do. Throw in a Fitbit, textured sneakers, an army jacket and voila, you’ll probably soon be off the market too.
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