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The Reality Check Every Bride Needs

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Hi gorgeous bride to be,
We’d ask how you were feeling right now but we don’t want to open that Pandora’s box. We know that every movie, magazine, and TV show in the world has described the runup to your wedding as the most beautiful phase of your life. We also know that that’s kinda-sorta unrealistic; an impossibly high standard to live up to, and we are here to affirm that there’s no reason to either.
Endlessly scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest and a zillion wedding blogs has led you to believe in the illusion of picture perfect weddings with impossibly high standards, hasn’t it? Well here we are, armed with some truth serum and an important reminder that life is not a Karan Johar movie, and we are about to break some extremely important things down for you.

Here are some pre-wedding bridal beauty tips to cope with wedding related woes!

1. You Are Not Imagining The Stress

Planning a wedding is a huge deal and it’s bound to get stressful! Gone are the days (thankfully) when women were just supposed to look the part and show up at their own weddings. The paradigm has shifted, and being the girl bosses we are, we completely take over the planning process before our big day. This involves excel sheets, screaming matches, and ninja organizational skills so excuse us if we don’t yet look the part of the glowing bride. The stress may be bringing you down right now but as the wedding approaches and more details get sorted, you’ll feel yourself ease into things and enjoy this phase a little more.

2. You Don’t Have To Care About Anyone Else

Log Kya Kahenge is so darn two-thousand-and-late! It’s your wedding and that makes you THE most important person. (Everyone knows that the bride is more important than the groom, duh!)
You need to stop worrying about making everyone happy. For that matter, you *can’t* make everyone happy – you’re not chocolate, remember? So just get out of this whole people-pleasing mentality and focus on what you really like and want at your wedding.

3. Pamper Yourself!

While you’re deep in wedding planning mode, you owe yourself the rest and the self-care. Don’t wait for others to do this for you, okay? Take the time to unwind with your family, or your besties.  Treat your skin well, treat your body well. Eat wholesome food and think good thoughts. As bridemode appears on the horizon, channel your inner bridechilla, one great meditation session at a time.

4. You Don’t Have To Follow Every Last Trend

This one’s the clincher, really. We get so caught up with what looks good online that the best of us fall into this pressure trap. The truth is that trends happen because someone cool wore or did something cool without trying to conform. So just chill out and do your own thing. Want a big wedding? Want a small wedding? Want to wear minimum make-up? Want to design your own outfits? Do as you please and let your heart lead you to be the kind of bride you always wanted to be!

5. Remember Why You’re Doing This!

You’ve found ‘the one’. Do you know how many people that happens for? Well, to be totally honest – not a lot.  You’re about to embark upon a new journey with the love of your life. *That’s* what really matters. Everything else will be a distant memory years later and you’ll wonder why you spent so much time stressing about it.

6. Happy Girls Are The Prettiest

Hear us out - even though we sound like a Tumblr quote right now! We promise you that it won’t matter in the end if you ended up reaching your goal weight and wearing the lehenga of your kidney-selling dreams, if you don’t look happy. No matter how much makeup you put on that pretty face of yours, the glow that comes from within is something no luxe highlighter can match up to (and we’re saying that). So please don’t give up sleep, food, and your peace of mind to attain an unrealistic goal. Your body is sacrosanct, and you can’t be a happy bride if you’re not a bonafide member of the self-love club first! Be happy with who you are, embrace every last gorgeous curve of yours, and be the prettiest and happiest bride the world ever witnessed. You owe it to the little girl who dreamt of her big day, no?

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