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The Skincare Regime To Prep Your Skin For Summer

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We love a spring beauty reset. The start of the new season calls for a shift in gears and we’re not just talking about swapping out heavy winter face creams for lightweight, spring-appropriate formulas (although that is part of it). We reckon, it’s as good a time as any to step back, assess what you’ve got, where there are gaps that need filling and how you want to feel moving forward. It’s also an opportunity to break out of a rut and feel inspired again. But simply put, it’s time for a new skincare routine. There, we said it.

The switches: like a closet clear-out, it’s best to take your skincare back to the bare bones, then re-introduce products, provided they still work for the season. When it comes to summertime skincare, a CMS (Cleanser, Moisturiser and SPF) is a must, so start there. This is very subjective, so there's no one-size-fits all solution. However, here’s 4 simple ways to summer-proof your skincare routine.


Moisturising is key when it comes to your skin’s health, be it summers or winters. It is imperative not only to drink water and hydrate yourself more during the summer season, but to topically hydrate your skin, as well . This will guarantee soft, supple and plump skin with an overall natural glow. So, ensure that you use light weight but hydrating moisturisers even during the warmer months to prevent epidermal water loss (yes, that happens even in summers).

NIVEA Soft Light Moisturizer

NIVEA Soft Light Moisturizer for Face

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Mini Face Moisturizer

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Dot & Key 72Hr Hydrating Probiotics Oil-Free Am Pm Gel Moisturizer

Dot & Key 72Hr Hydrating Probiotics Oil


We’ve all heard of SPF before, but do we use it effectively? Sunscreen: The tangible lotion you apply to your skin, is a highly effective way to keep your skin protected from potential sun damage. Like long-sleeved shirts, wide-brimmed hats, and beach umbrellas, sunscreen works to keep UV damage at bay. In addition to the two finger rule (applying two lines of SPF on your index and middle fingers), it’s important that we treat our skin to sunscreen frequently enough to get the most out of the product. And yes, we need SPF even in the winter and when you’re inside with the blinds shut.

Reequil Ultra Matte Dry Touch Sunscreen Gel

Reequil Ultra Matte Dry Touch Sunscreen Gel

Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ Ultra Matte Lotion Sunscreen

Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50

Neutrogena Ultrasheer SPF50+ PA+++ Face Sunscreen

Neutrogena Ultrasheer SPF50


Using hydrating moisturises, face masks and exfoliants help keep your pores clean, which in turn gives your skin the ‘glass skin’ look that the internet has been raving about. While cleansing and sun protection are arguably the two absolute non-negotiables for the summers, exfoliating is a close second. Regular exfoliation is essential not only for improving the texture and tone of your skin but also for ensuring that any other products you’re using penetrate better and ultimately work more effectively. And this holds true for the summers, when our skin is constantly sweating, clogging our pores.

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution

Wishful Yo Glow Facial Enzyme Scrub

Wishful Yo Glow Facial Enzyme Scrub

COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

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