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The Summer Happy Skin Manual

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Fun in the sun without all those pesky skin problems? That’s the dream. So, we spoke to renowned cosmetic dermatologist and CEO of Skinfiniti Skin & Laser clinic, Dr. Jaishree Sharad for summer skin care tips. Over to the good doctor! 
Stay Sun Safe
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Cleanse twice a day with a pH balanced face wash. Don’t step out without using a sunblock with SPF 30 and reapply every couple of hours if outdoors. Keep a bottle of thermal spring water in your handbag and spray on your face liberally. Skin tends to feel dry in summer so keep an oil free moisturiser or hydrating gel or water-based skin lotion handy to apply on arms and legs, preferably when you step out of the shower and your skin is still damp.
Anti-Tanning Home Remedy: Apply a Vitamin C serum of mixture of yogurt and turmeric on skin. It’s a good idea to also take oral Vitamin C to protect skin from free radical damage.
Soothing a Sunburn
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The best way to protect your skin is by wearing cotton clothes, wide rimmed sun glasses and a hat. Umbrellas are also handy to prevent sun burn, tanning, pigmentation and allergic rashes. Skin damage from a sunburn may be minimal and show up as only a mild redness that rapidly heals or be so severe as to cause blisters with fluid accumulation and peeling of large areas of skin. Visit a dermatologist without delay if this happens.
Heat Rashes and Boils
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Accumulation of sweat and dust can harbour bacterial infection especially in hair follicles, resulting in boils. Use a deodorant containing Aluminium Oxide Hexahydrate to reduce body odor.  Keep Tea Tree, Aloe or Mint infused wet wipes handy to swipe on sweaty areas if you’re outdoors and wear clean, dry clothes in light cotton fabrics. It’s a good idea to dust prickly heat powder on underarms and intimate areas. Change out of sweaty clothes any chance you get. Soothe itchy skin by rubbing it with ice, Calamine or Aloe Vera lotion.
Summer Hair Care
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Always shampoo your hair after returning home from work or after a workout if you tend to sweat on your scalp. Make sure you don’t tie up wet hair; damp, wet hair is the perfect breeding ground for scalp infections and lice infestation.
Keep Fungal Infections at Bay
If you’re prone to fungal infections in summer, dust some anti-fungal powder (Clotrimazole Dusting Powder, available at any chemist) after a shower on your feet, underarms, body folds and groin area.
Sheet Masks to the Rescue!
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Sheet masks are the answer to quick skin fixes in summer. Korean brands are the original sheet mask inventors and definitely worth a try. Sheet masks are soaked in vitamin and antioxidant rich serums in the form of Pomegranate, Lime, Strawberry or even moisturisers like Shea Butter. These Korean face masks are contoured in the shape of a face.  You are meant to apply and leave on 10 to 15 minutes as the active ingredients present in the sheet are transferred to the skin hydrating it or brightening it instantly depending on the ingredients. These masks can be used by all age groups and are usually safe. Anti-aging sheet masks containing Retinol should not be used if you have dry skin.
Oxygen Jet Peel Therapy with Mesoporation
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Oxygen therapy is based on the principle that all our body’s cells need oxygen to survive. During the session, the skin is refreshed with an oxygen jet that delivers concentrated oxygen with pressure for greater penetration.  Metabolic waste and dead, dull cells are removed, followed by the application of Vitamin Serum with a mesoporation device so that it penetrates deeper layers of skin. The end result: Deeply rejuvenated, smooth skin with a visible reduction in fine lines and open pores. This lunch time procedure should be repeated after 15 days for best results. It is extremely safe and has no side effects.
Eat Right this Summer
It’s easy to get dehydrated in the summer, making us more susceptible to allergies and rashes. It’s extra important to stay well hydrated by drinking enough water, and cutting down on coffee and soft drinks. Instead drink tender coconut water, fresh fruit juices and butter milk. Also indulge your sweet tooth in a variety of brightly coloured fruits that are rich in antioxidants to fight skin damaging free radicals. This is also a good time to stay away from unhygienic street food.
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