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The Top Trends Burning Up the Internet—Tried!

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If I’m being totally honest right now, let’s just say I’m (not so) blessed with an oily face. Top the greasiness off with extremely sensitive skin and you’ll understand what I deal with. So, when it comes to makeup, my mantra has always been – less is more. But lately I’ve been feeling a lot more experimental than usual. Therefore, I took it upon myself to decode the top five trends out there making the rounds. And if you’re wondering how a stickler for ‘less’ like myself fared, scroll lower…

Here are the top beauty & makeup trends of 2018:


Not really a makeup addict, I can’t really recollect the last time I used a lipstick. In fact, a tinted lip balm does the job for me. However, when the blurred lip trend hit the runways, I was a tad excited to give it a whirl. The reason? It looked subtle and dreamy compared to those crazy over-defined pouts that have been cropping up everywhere. I started by dabbing a bit of Nykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick - Maharani 02on the centre of my lips and smudged it towards the edges with my fingers (you can use a brush too), for that effortlessly ‘undone’ look. Now ain’t that every minimalist’s dream?
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Summer calls for sangrias, sun-downers, and slip-ons. And what better way to soak in dewy sunsets than with lids to mimic the tinge? Since I’m an avid advocate of the ‘fuss-free’ look I chose Absolute New York Icon Pro Palette. With 35 intensely-pigmented shades it’s a one-and-done palette that has it all. From the most daring oranges to toned-down peaches, coupled with foil-like golds and matte browns, it’s the sultriest mix out there (trust). And of course, there’s no ignoring the corals as I created a glimmering sunset-inspired lewk.  


The makeup gurus had predicted the rise of the lashes, and boy were they right! Dramatic lashes (Read falsies) have been everywhere, making my normal ones look comically tiny. So, when Huda launched her popular lashes, I picked up the Huda Beauty Classic Lash - Sasha #11 to add a bit of spunk to my look. Needless to say, it took me more than an hour to get them on, but I finally succeeded. I topped them with a few coats of mascara for instant glam. Would I do this again? Probably not. Did I love the look? Well, I did document it on Instagram, so that’s saying something.
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Glamglow’s Bubble Sheet Mask sits high on a pedestal considering it is the only one available on Nykaa. I must admit, at first, I did resemble little Shireen Baratheon (Greyscale – GOT, ring a bell?) but I was too busy fizzling up, and frothing to care. Carbonated clay sped to action the second it touched my skin. Less than a minute into the experiment I found that a million micro-bubbles began tingling and popping. Three minutes later I took it off and used the mask as a wash cloth to scrub off any residual grime. Lastly, I splashed tap water, patted dry and – my skin - was LIT.  


I had never really taken to the glitter trend; until bad girl Riri dropped her latest launch #BodyLava. But since I didn’t have access to hers, I grabbed the next best thing – shimmering body oil. Dry summers call for intense moisturization, so instead of glossing over plain ‘ol lotion I opted for The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil. Lo and behold, my sun-kissed tan coupled with this instant vacay-ready body bronzer was a match made in heaven. And, when I needed to subtle-down my glow-factor, I simply mixed a few drops of Moroccanoil Shimmering Body Oil to my daily skin moisturizer. The result – a bold, sparkling summer-ready décolleté in a matter of minutes.
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