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The Ultimate Guide on Face Makeup Brushes

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Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes constitute a whole new universe in themselves. What’s more overwhelming is trying to figure out the necessary types of makeup brushes, especially with the bottomless bunch of options available out there. To double up the dilemma, if you are looking to buy quality makeup brushes, then you may have to ditch the idea of a shoestring budget.

Thus, the most important question that’s asked even today is – What face makeup brushes do I actually need? To get you sorted, we’re here with the inside scoop on face makeup brushes. The best thing about makeup brushes is that they get your job done real quick and yes, mess-free.

So, all you ladies, settle down for class.

Types of Makeup Brushes

Makeup foundation brush

1. Foundation Brush

Purpose: Setting the base right is very important and a foundation brush is here for just that! What’s more? It helps you throw the possibility of ending up with a cakey or washed-out look out of the window.

Shape: With super-fine, densely packed bristles, a foundation brush is ideally round or dome shaped.

How to use a foundation brush:

Step 1: Dab some foundation at the back of your hand and swirl your foundation brush to pick the product on the brush.

Step 2: Starting at the center, use long sweeping strokes to apply the product, working the brush outward. Buff the product in circular motions at spots where you need the most coverage.

Step 3: For a smooth finish, gently pat with a sponge to blend the foundation in every direction.

2. Concealer Brush

Purpose: A concealer brush is used to pat a bit of concealer to cover the uninvited zit or blur away your dark circles.

Shape: A concealer brush is usually flat and is aims at precise application, thanks to a pointed tip and soft bristles.

How to use a concealer brush:

Step 1: Press the tip of the concealer brush into the concealer to pick the product on the brush.

Step 2: Now gently pat the brush on your zits, blemishes and under eye areas. Always pat, never swipe or smear as that could create unflattering creases.

Step 3: Blend smoothly until you’ve achieved desirable coverage. Let it set before you layer with compact powder.

Concealer brush
Nose contour brush

3. Contour Brush

Purpose: Why should just the Greek Gods have all the fun with their perfectly chiseled faces? The contour brush is your cheat tool to creating the illusion of sharp features – basically, enhancing your cheekbones, temple, nose and jawline.

Shape: A contour brush has firmer bristles and is angled with a soft, slanted edge.

How to use a contour brush:

Step 1: Swirl the contour brush into your contour powder and dust off the excess. The last bit is important to make blending easier.

Step 2: Now suck in your cheeks and glide the brush in swift, back and forth motions onto the hollows of your cheeks.

Step 3: To score a more sculpted look, reload the brush and dust the product along your nose, jawline and hairline. You’ve officially cheated your way to a chiseled face!

4. Powder Brush

Purpose: The powder brush is your best bet at setting your base makeup with loose powder. It is designed to evenly buff the product over your face so your makeup stays in place throughout the day.

Shape: The powder brush is round and generally has soft, long fluffy bristles.

How to use a powder brush:

Step 1: Dab the fluffy bristles of the powder brush into the compact powder and flick it to remove any excess product.

Step 2: Starting with the center, lightly dust the powder on your T-zone and under eye areas. Avoid the outer edges of your face.

Step 3: For an airbrushed look, use circular motions.

Face powder brush
Blush makeup brush

5. Blush Brush

Purpose: A blush brush is what you need to bring your cheeks to life with a flushed, rosy tinge. It is designed to lightly stroke the product for an airbrushed look.

Shape: The blush brush features a round head with long, fluffy bristles. It’s more compact than a powder brush.

How to use a blush brush:

Step 1: Dip the blush brush into the blush and tap off the excess.

Step 2: Lightly swirl the brush on the apples of your cheeks. Brush the product outwards to make sure you don’t deposit too much product at one place.

Step 3: Finish off with short strokes to blend it up into your cheekbones.

6. Highlighter Brush

Purpose: A highlighter makeup brush is primarily designed to lend precision to the high points of your face for that extra glowy look. Usually used to achieve a strobing effect, it also helps in sculpting the face.

Shape: A highlighter brush has fanned out, loosely packed bristles with tapered ends.

How to use a highlighter brush:

Step 1: Hold the highlighter brush flat against the highlighter to coat the sides and the ends of the bristles. Tap off the excess powder.

Step 2: Lightly sweep the brush over cheekbones, cupid’s bow and brow bones. The key is highlighting the points where light naturally hits your face.

Step 3: Keep dusting the powder in outward direction until you achieve the desired effect.

Highlighter makeup brush
Bronzer brush

7. Bronzer Brush

Purpose: A good bronzer brush will help you fake that natural sun-kissed look with controlled application. It’s built to add warmth and definition to your face.

Shape: The bronzer brush features a round or dome shaped head and has dense fluffy bristles that make even diffusion of the powder pigments easier.

How to use a bronzer brush:

Step 1: Press the bronzer brush into the bronzer and tap off the excess.

Step 2: Starting from your forehead, loosely sweep the brush to form a ‘3’, starting from the side of your temple, traversing your cheekbones, before finishing along your jawline.

Step 3: To diffuse the harsh lines and achieve a more seamless finish, gently blend the product in circular motions.

FAQs on makeup brushes

1. What is the kabuki brush?

A kabuki brush, also known as a mushroom brush, is identified by a short handle and densely packed fluffy bristles. The brush head can be either round or flat. It can be used for applying foundation, layering on powder or dusting bronzer. The density of the brush makes it ideal for better coverage than a regular brush.

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