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The Ultimate Skin Care Routine For All Skin Types

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It’s funny how skin care is the stuff of nightmares for every woman on this planet. Our mental state is the same after a breakup and after a skin breakout. Yep, we already see that guilty smile.
Speaking of flawless skin, the secret behind it is undoubtedly skin care tips, based on skin types. The best skin care routine is one where you pay close attention to what your skin needs and use products accordingly. Basically, a skin care routine that’s tailored for you.

But before we head to the daily skin care regimen for each skin type, you need to know what your skin type is. Here are the methods to identify your skin type.

Method 1:

Not many women realise that pores are one of the biggest indicators of our skin type. Their size and tendency to get clogged can tell you a lot about whether your skin care routine is working or not.
Dry skin – Typically small tight pores
Oily skin – Large pores that get clogged very easily
Combination skin – Large pores around the nose but unnoticeable pores on the cheeks
Sensitive skin – Large pores but only as a reaction to an irritant
Normal skin – Small pores that don’t get clogged

Method 2:

One of the best skin care tips is to notice how your skin feels right after cleansing. That’s the best time to figure your skin type.
Dry skin – Skin feels excessively taut and dehydrated right after you wash it
Oily skin – Your face feels clean and oil-free at first but not for long
Combination skin – A refreshed T-zone but dry cheeks
Sensitive skin – A cleanser may trigger itching and irritation
Normal skin – Skin feels squeaky clean after a wash

Method 3:

Ever thought about how often you need to moisturize your face? The importance of a moisturizer in your daily skin care routine says a lot about your skin type.
Dry skin – You need to hydrate your skin repeatedly, irrespective of the weather
Oily skin – You don’t need to moisturize your skin at all because it makes your face even oilier
Combination skin – You need to hydrate your skin but selectively
Sensitive skin – You require added moisture frequently but only once you’ve found the correct product
Normal skin – Moisturizing your face once a day is more than enough

Method 4:

The blotting paper trick is a very smart way of determining your skin type. The idea is to check the oil residue of your face right after you wake up in the morning. Just wash your face before going to bed and do not apply any skin care product. Next morning, dab key areas of your face with a blotting paper and examine the result.
Dry skin – The blotting paper has little or no oil on it
Oily skin – The blotting paper has excessive amounts of oil
Combination skin – Some areas of the paper has oil and some have no oil at all
Sensitive skin – The blotting paper has little or no oil on it
Normal skin – The blotting paper has a normal amount of oil on it

Here are the skin care tips and daily skin care routines for every skin type:

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