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There’s A Sudden Rise In Demand For Shampoo Bars. Here’s why

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Smart cosmetic formulas like shampoo bars are moving toward a new standard and have started increasing in popularity due to a bunch of good reasons. I’ll start with water consumption. These solid hair cleansers require less water compared to your traditional shampoo, because you get to target better with the bar, thus lesser water and product wastage. You also avoid supporting endless bottles of plastic, they take up very little space on your shower stand and most of them are infused with butters and oils that work double-duty (so, you technically could skip spending money on a conditioner). With a fabulous list to choose from, I’ve lathered up—sorry, gathered up the most reliable shampoo bars that will change the life of your hair. Trust me. They will.

With a fabulous list to choose from, I’ve lathered up—sorry, gathered up the most reliable shampoo bars that will change the life of your hair.

Trust me. They will.

shampoo bar – rustic art

Rustic Art Papaya Lime Hair Cleansing Bar

If you like citrusy formulas, you could try this papaya lime cleansing bar by Rustic Art. It bubbles up into a lush lather and has all of the nourishing ingredients for an acidic, deep cleansing wash for your hair and scalp. This one bar replaces around three full medium sized bottled shampoos (that’s how much plastic you’re avoiding). Oh, and it smells delicious so please don’t try eating it? Thank you.

Earth Rhythm Murumuru Butter Shampoo Bar

Curated to control frizz, this shampoo bar is whipped with murumuru butter and vitamin E. The butter is added to tame dehydrated hair and the vitamin E comes in as a powerful antioxidant to improve the health of your scalp. It’s also infused with coconut oil to help restore moisture on rough ends and to also prevent inflammation or any sort of irritation.

shampoo bar – earth rhythm
shampoo bar – ancient living

Ancient Living Shikakai & Bhringraj Shampoo Bar

This bar is great if you’re currently experiencing hair fall. Crafted with leading ingredients like shikakai and bhringraj, this formula promotes hair growth, delays the appearance of gray hair and adds a healthy shine. It gets better. It also comes with a punch of peppermint oil powered with antifungal properties to combat common scalp issues like itching and stubborn dandruff.

Soulflower Reetha, Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar Soap

A combination of coconut milk, lemon oil and ginger juice makes this vegan shampoo bar a versatile cleanser and a safe option for literally every hair type. What I personally like is the fact that it’s locally sourced and handmade. Each ingredient present in this bar plays a vital role in controlling hair fall, removing dirt, conditioning your hair and adding shine. Yes, this bar has a lot to give.

shampoo bar - soulflower
shampoo bar – stonesoup khaas

Stonesoup Khaas Beer Shampoo Bar

That’s right. You’re looking at a solid hair cleanser made of beer. Apart from being the perfect drink on a hot summer day, beer is actually a strong solution to tame dry hair. It also works as a fantastic natural conditioner, which makes your hair routine a whole lot easier if you ask me. The sugar present in the beer adds shine and the coconut milk in this bar promises to take care of your scalp.

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