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These East Asian Beauty Labels Have A Huge Fanbase Across The Globe

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The undeniable paradigm of youthful, healthy and flawless skin was first born in China, Japan, and Korea. And after the global boom of glass skin, the popular ‘10-step skincare routine’, and bubble masks to name a few, East Asian beauty innovations permanently hold a spot in my vanity.

From skin-loving sheet masks to fool-proof glossy makeup, I’ve come to realise that beauty trends become a lot easier to try out when the products are designed to achieve specific concerns. Enter East Asian beauty labels. From Fairydrops to Lagom, I’ve listed five global labels that also look great on my bathroom counter (which is a huge bonus, if you ask me).

Coated, Curled And Cared For

I’ve often tested mascaras that claim to be ‘push up bras for lashes’, but I wasn’t really convinced till I got my hands on the Fairydrops - Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara. Packed with five different lash conditioning ingredients like squalene, jojoba seed oil, almond oil, hydrolyzed collagen and aloe vera leaf extracts, this mascara promises skincare benefits—therefore healthier lashes. I also love the fact that it features a patented 4-bobble wand designed to curl, lift, lengthen, and catch EVERY SINGLE lash.

Double-Duty Oil

For those with oily skin (like me) there’s always a fair amount of scepticism when it comes to oil cleansers. However, thanks to having the access to review a gazillion products in a week, it’s safe to say that I finally found something that actually caters to my skin. If you have oily skin too, a cleanser blended with non-greasy, non-comedogenic, and natural oils powered with jojoba, apricot, green tea seed, macadamia seed, and evening primrose is the perfect amalgamation. I recommend the Huangjisoo’s Cleansing Oil because it is vegan certified (which is important to me) and it’s designed to cleanse your skin of all the makeup, sebum and dead skin, and also provides nutrition to my skin, eliminating the need for a second wash.

We Gel Well

I’m of the opinion that Asian beauty’s most cardinal skincare rule is hydration. If you really think about it, every step involves ingredients or products that promote a strong boost of hydration. Lagom’s Gel to Water Cleanser is one of my go-to products because the formulation ensures deeply hydrated, energised and cleansed skin. It is mild, yet resilient in reaching deep into your pores, and getting rid of impurities. I also like how its transforming texture feels light and comfortable on my skin.

Straight From The Jeju Islands

Every now and then, when I look in the mirror I see lethargic, dull and tired skin that hints at signs of ageing. A natural, hydrating and energising ingredient that alleviates skin elasticity is lotus leaves. Dipped in the nourishment derived from lotus leaves extracted from Jeju Islands, I turn to The Pure Lotus Lotus Leaf Mask Wrinkle Treatment is a soft, microfibre sheet mask that I use often for a quick pick-me-up.

Clay, Play, Slay

Made with berries and kaolin clay the Let Me Skin’s Pink Berry Brightening Clay Mask is purifying, hydrating, and nourishing that restore your natural radiance. It’s a heavy-duty wash-off mask that provides an immediate brightening effect with just single use (trust me, it actually works) for a healthy skin barrier.

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