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These Millennial Beauty & Makeup Trends are the BOMB!

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Scroll through social media and you’ll be hit with a flurry of fashion frenzies –  most recently, Princess Leia-like from beyond the Milky Way. We’ve scoured our galaxy high and low to get you the rundown on the latest makeup trends you should be looking to make your own!
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Fake Freckles
This outlandish craze is a bit out there, even for us, we admit. It’s a lot like microblading (getting eyeliner tattooed on your eyelids). Painful, is the least of it! So, this semi-permanent cosmetic procedure tattoos fake freckles on your face. How? Imagine teeny-tiny spots of vegetable dye being inked onto the skin creating either a new spade of freckles or enhancing existing ones. Although it sounds excruciating, we can’t help but wonder why its gaining such popularity around the globe. Don’t believe us? Look at the proof! If you’re skittish like us, just go in for the cheaper, less permanent alternative – freckle stencils!
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Eccentric Lids
Trade in your subtle winged eyeliner STAT. Believe us, the look is so yesterday! This new craze is all about going overboard with floral power, italic scripts, unicorn horns, triple-liner hues, and negative space cut-outs – wait for it –  on the peepers! We’ve even seen our favourite Broadway musical, Beauty and the Beast feature on a few micro-influencer’s eyelids. Makeup maverick Huda Beauty pioneered the trend by painting blooming blossoms onto her eyes in April, taking the fantasy viral! Now, if you aren’t particularly feeling like the next Monet or Van Gogh, wait, there’s still hope – think temporary tattoo! Skip the cliched flicks and hone your doodling skills for this jaw-dropping eye makeup look.
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Twinkly Tips
Glitter is surging towards a comeback – nay, scratch that – it never went anywhere! Every time you scroll through Snapchat there’s a newer version of the crystal-like iridescence waiting to have a moment. Even on Instagram, all things sparkly and shimmery have their very own filters! It all began in 2016 when demi-god Pat McGrath invented the glitter lip. At the time, there was only one rule: Don’t. Hold. Back. We’ve come full circle from that lusty lip sensation to today; the reign of full-bodied, chunky jewels in every tone. Now, if you ain’t comfy embracing your glimmering goddess anywhere around the face, we’ve got news: it’s easier on the pinkies! You’ll soon be BFFs with these oh-so-amazing Unicorn-inspired nail art creations.
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Marble Lips
Elle Décor, Good House Keeping, Style at Home… all talk about the quintessential marbled kitchen island. But, for those of you keener on beauty than babysitting, we’re here to unveil the marble lip fantasy! Create your own masterpiece with a few basics: multiple lip tints, a thin eyeliner brush and Picasso-like painting skills! Create the canvas by lining your pout, then fill in lips with a base shade. Add depth and dimension to your natural creases with a minimal application of glitter eyeshadow. Now, with a super-skinny, preferably dried out, felt-tip eyeliner, replicate the stone-cold cracks. Finish with an illusion of texture in a complementing color such as black or gold and dust-off highlighter on your Cupid’s Bow, nose, and chin! Still sceptical? Swoon over these and you won’t be for too long!
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Holographic Hair
If you haven’t caught the mystical, unicorn bug yet, it’s time to hop on! This one ain’t for the faint of heart though, we must warn. The holo-hair trend is akin to an almost translucent rainbow on your mane.  Coupled with a serious dose of futuristic style inspo from the ‘Geode’ and ‘Glow-in-the-Dark’ phase, this one’s the most opalescent of them all! So, how’s it done? Hair colorists begin with a blonde base – yes, you need to bleach down first. Then onto each hair section, enters a collision of baby pinks, bright blues, metallic greens and even sparkly purples. The result: a stunning CD-catching-the-rays metallic effect we absolutely heart! Feed your inner ‘90s spirit with these unreal, magically color-changing tresses fast!  
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Glitter Nips
So, quick recap: Coachella unveiled BADASS street style this April forever changing the fashion landscape.  A-listers and music-lovers all looked red-carpet ready in itty-bitty shorts, bralette tops and floral overalls. But one ‘free-spirited’ makeup fad quickly caught our fancy and how! Enter – the twinkly titty-takeover, AKA shimmering makeup’s brazen cousin. Basically, this makeup trend uses a whole lot of bejewelled diamonds, colored crystals, and thousands of sequins to cover what ya mamma gave ya! Shimmery flecks are officially a thing now, a festival must-have of sorts. And depending on how #freethenipple youchoose to be, you could opt for a glistening top or go all-out commando in an encrusted catsuit. Check out the best dressed ta-tas and tushies below...
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