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7 Things To Look Forward To For Nykaa’s 10th Birthday Weekend

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We’re turning 10 (insert virtual confetti!). Fasten your seatbelts, because we've planned a high-on-glamour birthday bash, exciting giveaways, and more that you don’t want to miss. Expect our favourite celebrities, India’s leading Instagram stars, and our very own Nykaa Army to be featured non-stop on our site celebrating this weekend with you. So, if you’re curious about what’s in store, keep reading because we’ve listed a day-by-day breakdown to look forward to. Mark your calendars, and join us as we celebrate our journey.

1. The Nykaa Birthday Bash

On the eve of our Birthday weekend which falls on Friday, 22nd April, we have India’s top beauty influencers join us for our birthday bash. Catch all the highlights of our event—we’ll be covering all the moments on our Instagram @mynykaa over the weekend.

2. Social Media Giveaways

It’s our 10th Birthday, so keep a close eye on our Instagram accounts. We’re packing up 10 special birthday hampers curated personally for the winners! Oh yes, on our birthday, we’re gifting YOU.

3. Catch Your Favourite Stars Live On Our Watch & Buy Section

Nykaa’s 10th birthday will be all about the number ‘10’. Won’t you love to watch your favourite influencers play out 10 different dares? Or maybe watch a digital star create a glam look in under 10 minutes? Mark your calendars and keep an eye on our app to catch Srishti Bhatia (@stylefashionetc), and a bunch of Nykaa Army influencers including Riah Daswani (@riahdaswani), Akansha Gupta (@akanstarr) and more.

4. A Takeover By Our In-house Labels

When it comes to our very own in-house labels, we have quite a few surprises waiting for you. Get phenomenal discounts on Nykaa Naturals, Kay Beauty, Nykaa Cosmetics and a special curation of our Korean Beauty favourites throughout the weekend. Hold on, it gets better. You also get a free Nykaa Cosmetics Nail Polish on any purchase above ₹1200.

5. Influencer Curations

If you spend most of your free time watching beauty routines by your favourite digital stars, you’re going to love this one. Debasree Banerjee (@debasree) and the House of MISU (@houseofmisu) are curating an entire collection of beauty products that they’ve personally picked. Don’t forget to visit the site to buy what they’re buying.

6. Celebrity Stores

Talking of curations, Katrina Kaif, and Jahnvi Kapoor have hand-picked the products they love as well. Mirroring the looks of these Bollywood goddesses just got easier, if you ask us The best part? You’ll get them all in one place, in one scroll!

7. Don’t Miss Alicia Souza’s illustrations

Fond of the extremely relatable and adorable illustrations by Alicia Souza? Catch her work on our Instagram handle where she will be bringing our journey to life through her sketches—yes, we’re hoping that her cute baby dog Charlie and her little boy Ollie make an appearance in her illustrations over the weekend.

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