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Things makeup artists wish you wouldn’t do

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Mom taught you how to apply kajal. Makeup advice from an older cousin, friends or colleagues is a rite of passage but who wouldn’t want a pro tip (or 14!) from seasoned makeup artists? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally learn all the things we need to stop doing right now!
It's time to give super sculpted, heavily defined brows a rest! Instead try a softer, more natural approach. Create an arch by tweezing under brows and pluck strays above brows for a neat, well-shaped brow.
- Ojas Rajani
Give all that strobing, contouring and correcting a break! Luminous skin with a rosy flush are in. But don't take the no-makeup-look too literally; start with a primer to downplay pores, add a blush on cheeks and dress your pout in a pretty pink lipstick.
- Namrata Soni
Don't compare yourself to how models look in magazine spreads! They have a retinue of artists and clever lighting to back them up. If you do want the chiselled look use a tiny amount of darker than your shade of bronzer under cheekbones, along temples and along the jawline after applying foundation and concealer.
- Arshis Javeri
Stop using the wrong color of foundation! Many women tend to match their skin to their neck which might be lighter and your chest darker. The trick is to match your foundation shade to your chest rather than your face, because your face and neck are usually the palest parts of your body. Swipe on a couple of samples on your jaw and cheek and walk into natural light. Check your reflection, the shade that disappears is yours. Yay!!
- Ojas Rajani
Don't try anything new when you're in a rush. Also, never do your makeup in poor light. The results could look very different when you step into the sunlight.
- Namrata Soni
Stop wearing so much makeup on your skin! Primer, foundation, contour, highlighter, bronzer… the list goes on. It might look great in an Instagram photo but ghastly in real life.
- Ojas Rajani
Stop getting too many facials and clean-ups if your skin doesn't need them. If your skin isn't looking its best, visit a dermatologist and sort the problem out at the root. Then you can get away wearing a light BB cream and still look great.
- Namrata Soni
Stop with the matte look already! Don't be afraid to add a little sparkle and shimmer to your look. Shimmer on the eyes is such a beautiful look
- Ojas Rajani
Don't go extreme with your concealer shade. Just a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, no more no less. Also, don't tap away at the spot because you'll simply draw more attention to it. Blend on and around the blemish for a proper cover-up.
- Arshis Javeri
Please don't over-line your lips, it looks clownish. There are better ways of creating plumper lips. And never ever use a darker lip liner when you're wearing a lighter lipstick. It's a very '80s, passé look. Seriously, just don't do it.
- Namrata Soni
If you're wearing a full face of makeup, do fill in your brows. Otherwise they look sparse and throw off the entire makeup look and wash out the face.
- Arshis Javeri
Don't apply blush to your cheeks without blending. Bright rosy cheeks are okay only if you're auditioning for Red Riding Hood! Blend in a circular motion so that all that remains is a light flush.
- Ojas Rajani
Don't get stuck in a makeup rut. Change things up. Go seasonal. Switch between smoky black and colored liner. Wear nude lipsticks but also try bright pinks. Alternate between BB Creams and foundations. Variety is the spice of life!
- Namrata Soni
Don't forget to wash all your makeup off at night. No matter how tired you are, you need to wash your face every single night to keep it healthy and glowing. If you don't feel like going through the whole CTM routine at least use makeup remover wipes to cleanse your face completely.
- Dr. Jaishree Sharad
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