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Thinning hair woes

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A distressing phenomenon
While growing up, women are so used to hearing about men losing hair that it comes as a shock when they start thinning out too. But what are the causes of thinning hair? Thinning hair can strike at any age but it’s usually caused by ageing, fluctuating hormone levels, bad food habits, stress and after major illnesses. Losing hair during or soon after pregnancy and around menopause is also common.
You have plenty of options to disguise your less than lush crowning glory with thinning hair treatments now easily available, including medication to stimulate follicular growth, hair oils and cosmetic solutions like hair weaves. If you choose to go with none of the above, skillfully re-arranging your hair can help camouflage minor thinning spots.

Check out the following solutions for hair thinning woes:

Use the right hair care products

Since your hair is finer and thinner, it’s best to use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner such as Tresemme Beauty Full Volume Shampoo 580ml + 190ml Conditioner. Wash and moisturize your hair daily with such a shampoo and conditioner. Ideally the product should be fortified with protein to add the extra bounce your strands need. Make sure you rinse well to remove conditioner from your strands because extra product can weigh down making it look lanky and flat.

Styling strands

Style your hair using a lightweight gel or mousse like Wella Professionals EIMI Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion. Always blow dry with your head upside down. This gives your hair extra body and bounce when you turn right side up again because it fluffs up your locks. If you have a small patch you’re trying to hide spray on a styling product like BBLUNT Blown Away, Volumizing Leave-In Spray or the Toni&Guy Glamour Finishing Shine Spray and then tease your hair by taking small sections and combing them backwards toward the roots. Doing this adds volume to make thinning areas appear thicker.

Camouflaging tricks

If you can’t be bothered with hair styling products, simply pull back thicker, longer locks over the thinning areas and keep in place with a headband, clip or ponytails. Alternately, treat yourself to a haircut that layers your hair and makes it appear thicker than it really is. Choppy layers can add volume to hair by cleverly hiding bald patches.
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