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This Festive Season Love Is In The Hair

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Fixing on a coif that goes with your saree can be serious pressure, considering all you do every morning is gather your uncombed mane into a rather messy bun and run out the door. Well, the good news is that resident stunners from the Bolly land keep setting #DesiDiva goals for us mortals from time to time. We’ve scoured high and low on the ’Gram and put together a magnificent Lookbook that’ll put your hair anxieties to rest, right before the festive season kicks in.

Here are some celebrity inspired festival hairstyles to try out this festive season!

The Style: Half-Updo

The Star: Alia Bhatt
Locks too short to be put up in a bun but too long to be left fluttering over your face? Ah, that weird (and irritating) midground. No worries, we gotchya.
Start by blow-drying your tresses, especially if they tend to get rowdy with time. Now part your hair from the centre (for that stunning maangteeka, of course), gather the front section and pin it up loosely at the back of your head. Gently pull out a few wisps of hair for that effortless charm and you’re all set for the celebrations.

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The Style: Messy Bun

The Star: Kriti Sanon
The beauty of buns is that they are timeless, which is why we keep reaching out for them each time the calendar shows festive.
Secure all your hair in a low ponytail, right at the nape. Twist the length around the root and keep it as messy as possible ’cause that’s the gist. Secure it with an army of bobby pins and finish it off with a generous spritz of your setting spray, so the result of your labour doesn’t change shape by the end of the night.

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The Style: Fishtail Braid

The Star: Shraddha Kapoor
A low-maintenance braid is probably the best way to keep your tresses secured and still flaunt that cascading length. Amirite or amirite?
After a side-parting, start braiding your hair right at the nape. If a fishtail seems like a lot of work, go for a simple French or Dutch braid. Keep going till the very end and then secure it with a hair tie. Tug at the loops of your braid to loosen it ever so slightly because messy is in, darling. Pull out a few strands from the front and look the part on a Garba night.

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The Style: Floral Bun

The Star: Sonam Kapoor
The mother of all festive hairstyles, nothing adds a touch as feminine and regal as the gajra. It literally takes no more than a minute to wrap it around your bun but look at the insane amount of gorgeousness it adds.
Start by neatly combing your locks and securing it in a bun. Don’t keep it very low; you need enough space at the bottom for the flowers. Go in for crown-braids or twisties (like Mrs. Ahuja here) if you want to add character to your coif. Stick to an efficient shine spray for that neat, sleek look. Final step: Wrap the hero prop (the gajra duh) around your bun, preferably twice, and secure with pins for ’em Goddess feels.

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