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This Is How I Aligned My Wellness Routine To The Lunar Cycle

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lunar cycle

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As a Cancerian, I have always felt a strange connection with the moon. Simply put, my energy would often vary according to the various moon phases for the longest time. However, I never put much thought into this, until I read Moonology by Yasmin Boland a few years back on how this celestial body can truly influence us. Turns out as the moon waxes and wanes through its different phases it exudes different energies, affecting how we feel. To put things into perspective, the gravitational pull of the moon has a powerful impact on the earth’s oceans and bodies of water. Now, since human bodies encompass up to 60 per cent water, the moon also affects us as well as every other living thing on this planet. This includes impacting our beauty, hair and skin regimens as well. As an article in The Zoe Report put it: The lunar cycle — aka, the time it takes for the moon to transition from full moon to new moon, when it’s invisible to the human eye, and back — is 28 days long. According to dermatologists, adult skin cells also take 28 days to shed, renew, and mature, and shed again; and while that might be a coincidence, the mystical-minded maintain it's not”.

So, I decided to align to the lunar cycle (and combined it with my crystal infused skincare)—and TBH, I have never felt better. Ofcourse, being open to what the universe and the cosmos have to offer is the first step. Below, I have shared a glimpse of some of the beauty rituals I follow during the various lunar phases (refer to the image below for clarity). I also use the app Moonly and Moon Phase which help me keep track of the lunar cycles. Having said all this I promise you, this ain’t just some other witchy woo!

PS: I call this self-care blessed with a sprinkling of mystical dust.

The Lunar Cycle

cycles of the moon
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New Moon

Mood: Low energy, tired, introspective

Ritual: If I am cancelling plans, then trust me the new moon energy has something to do with it. This is an ideal time for me to stay at home, show myself some TLC with the LuxaDerme Deep Moisturizing - Foot Hydration Socks and curl up with a good book. I also spray my pillow with the Aroma Treasures Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist that soothes anxiety and frayed nerves. However, one of the most important of them all is to detail all my wishes in a diary for manifestation. Believe it or not, but the new moon energies can give them an extra boost.

Waxing Moon Phase

Mood: Relax, repair, rejuvenate and recharge

Ritual: Since this is a good time to attract healing energies in your life, I always put on the Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals Oxyblast and the Forest Essentials Japapatti And Brahmi Intensive Hair Repair Masque and to rejuvenate my lifeless skin and tresses after a long hard week. I pay special attention to my diet and also try to squeeze in some HIIT workouts. According to Queensland astrologer and author A.K. Leigh, you want to trim your nails during the waxing phase for faster-growing nails. Same goes for your hair; if you want your hair to grow faster, cut it during the period of time when the moon is growing in size (waxing moon), as it helps to stimulate growth.

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Full Moon Phase

Mood: Heightened energy and emotions

Ritual: I light my favourite candle and take a long bath infused with Lavender Bath Salt from Soulflower to calm down my erratic energies. I follow this with The Body Shop Spa of the World Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream that works as a treat for both my skin and senses. While I always stick to a serum and moisturiser combo every day, during the full moon I add a face, eye and lip mask to the mix. I also ensure that I lay out all my crystal beauty tools such as the jade roller and Gua Sha Stone to charge them under the full moon light. This is also the time I set my intentions for the next 15 days and express gratitude for everything.

Waning Moon Phase

Mood: Cleanse, release old energies, let go

Ritual: During this phase I always notice that I carry more stress than usual. That’s why a relaxing scrub and massage is always the way to go. Since it’s all about cleansing the old, I start with exfoliating my body with the Bath & Body Works Dahlia Creamy Petal Body Scrub. For my skincare regimen, I use a good cleanser and then follow it up with my holy grail product AKA the Estee Lauder ANR. I follow this up with my trusty Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery. I finish with a nice facial massage with the Nykaa Naturals Gua Sha Stone. You can also consider hair removal treatments during the waning and dark moon phases to slow down growth. Coloring your hair at this time is also said to make it last longer.

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