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This Just In: Dove’s Baby Care Range

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If you’re a new mom-to-be growing life in your belly – stop and scroll. On second thoughts, even if you’re an old-timer with tricks to spare, you know for a fact how tiring caring for your lil’ one can get. Go ahead and uncomplicate life with Dove’s baby care range ’cause there’s good reason why a few million moms out there trust the brand! From mega-moisturizers to baby-wipes that’re good enough to get rid of your makeup too, this newly launched range will have baby chuckling and how.
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We bet you knew baby’s skin was delicate but were you aware it’s 30% more delicate than yours? So, of course, you’ll trust only the best brand for your little bundle of joy. Here’s the most moisturizing of all ingredients packed in a baby-friendly soap bar enriched with quarter  hydrating milk that mildly cleanses as well as nourishes her sensitive, developing skin.
If you’re still on the lookout for that perfect moisturizing lotion to soothe baby’s skin, Dove’s got you covered. It’s paediatrician-tested making it the ideal cream to relieve itchiness, dryness, cracks or worse. Plus, it doesn’t feel sticky to touch and just leaves your new-born’s skin thoroughly replenished with nutrients, smooth and soft, preventing any further flare-ups.
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Don’t let these simple wet wipes have you fooled. Hypoallergenic and alcohol-free they’re mild-enough to tackle not only baby’s bottom but also extra-delicate so you can use them all over to cleanse her from head to toe. Plus, did we mention how convenient they are? Just pull to use! And what’s more, we’ll let you in on a little secret - you can use them too. 
As gentle as plain water, this clinically-tested shampoo is exactly what baby needs. No tears, no crying, no burning eyes - promise.  Just a boat-load of good-for-her ingredients that mildly lather away all dirt and grime while replenishing her hair with vital moisture. Just one wash and you’re sure to switch ’cause its sweet-scented aroma lingers on for quite a bit.
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Now, if you’re looking for something that serves a dual-purpose, then this is a true multi-purpose product. Think of it this way, why invest in a separate face wash and body wash when you can have the best of both in a single bottle? Still not sold, well it’s one of the most caring formulas free from harmful dyes, parabens, and phthalates so you can gently cleanse baby, overall.
Redness, irritation, and diaper rash getting baby cranky? Fret not, we’ve got just what she needs. This power-packed rash cream with zinc-oxide spreads on easily to shield her sensitive bottom from chafing due to constant diaper changes. Take it from the millions of new-mums who use this miracle-worker around the globe, her troubled skin will instantly be calmed.  
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