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This Just In: Nykaa Wanderlust Handwashes

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We’re constantly battling pollution, germs and bacteria. If the onslaught of deadly communicable diseases, COVID-19 being the latest one, has not been enough of a wakeup call, it’s time to realize that sometimes all we need to do is stay clean. As it turns out, washing your hands regularly and thoroughly (as many viral TikTok videos have educated us) can keep bacteria and viruses at bay. Now just because this sounds so medical doesn’t mean it can’t be a thing of luxury. Enter *drumroll please* Nykaa’s latest range of Wanderlust Handwashes. Complete with anti-microbial, anti-fungal Mint Extracts, fresh and fragrant Citric Extracts, and deeply moisturizing Glycerin, these handwashes eradicate germs while leaving your hands feeling soft and smelling divine. What’s more – each handwash has a distinct aroma from a different part of the world so you’re instantly transported to another land without moving an inch from your home. Seems like a win-win in the times of social distancing, no?

Here’s all you need to know about the luxurious Nykaa Wanderlust Handwashes:

1. Nykaa Wanderlust Handwash - Japanese Cherry Blossom

When anyone says Japan, all we can think of is sushi and cherry blossoms. ‘Coz, TBH, what’s a Japanese holiday unless you witness cherry blossoms in all their full-bloom glory. This handwash is brimming with the fragrance of these gorgeous flowers transporting you directly to Japan as it lathers to cleanse your hands. Wash away all the dirt and grime and have your hands feel like they’ve been wrapped in a blanket of sweet-smelling cherry blossoms all day long. One of the best hand wash for dry skin.

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Hand Wash For Dry Skin

2. Nykaa Wanderlust Handwash - Country Rose

Here’s a handwash that will have you instantly dreaming of a quaint English countryside surrounded by a garden full of rose bushes. Not only does this smell like a summer spent in rustic England but it also makes sure your hands are squeaky clean and 100% germ-free. This gentle, gel-based formula that creates a rich, foamy lather is perfect for frequent use. So, wash your hands as often as you like and stop and smell the roses.

3. Nykaa Wanderlust Handwash - Sicilian Sweet Pea

This is one of the best hand washes, centered around the delicate, pleasant-smelling sweet pea flower native to the land of cathedrals, beaches, sun and sand, this product is Sicily in a bottle. The gentle handwash transforms into a foamy lather that rids your hands of dust, dirt and bacteria leaving them feeling softer than ever before. But it’s the scent that’s got us going completely gaga. Give it a go but don’t come blaming us if you can’t seem to stop washing your hands.

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Best hand wash- french lavender

4. Nykaa Wanderlust Handwash – French Lavender

There’s nothing more calming (and more intoxicating) than the smell of fresh lavender. And if it’s going to whisk you away for that exotic Parisian holiday you’ve always been dreaming off, it’s even better. With its dreamy scent of French Lavender and its ability to cleanse your hands leaving them feeling squeaky clean and softer than ever, this handwash is a holiday wish come true. So, get rid off all that dirt and grime and enjoy that heavenly smell that lingers on.

Stay home, stay safe! Keep yourself safe in the COVID-19 situation by washing our hands at regular intervals. Click on:
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