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Thousand shades of lipstick!

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There’s something magical about lipstick. Just a swipe can wipe away years of self-doubt and bestow you with instant confidence. Unlike so many other cosmetics that help to camouflage, mask or play down not so great features, lipstick is all about assertion, hope and joy. Chances are that you, like most other women, have dozens of shades, soft pastels for when you’re feeling mellow, poppy hues for days your spirits need a boost, and berry tints for times you want to feel powerful. Luckily for you, Nykaa.com has close to a thousand shades of lipstick to delight and enthral you.  So if you want a perfect looking pout, we’ve got just the formulations to put you in a good mood!

Here is all you need to know about all the best lipstick shades and the different types of lipsticks:

Long stay lipsticks that stay put
This is the best kept secret to be lazy and glamorous. For women who like to look polished and spiffy all day without the need for touch-ups the minute they take a sip, long wear lipsticks are the answer to your prayers. But before you swipe on the lippie, do remember to apply a coat of primer, new age formulas that fuse skincare and makeup to guarantee complexion perfection by making your base (and lipstick) last longer. Start by exfoliating and hydrating your pout before applying primer. For a perfect pout apply lipstick from the middle of your pout outwards.
Gloss it up!
Talk to any woman and chances are she’s a lip gloss aficionado. Did you know that the first commercial lip gloss made by Max Factor in 1932 was called X-Rated? It was sold up until 2003. There are so many types, colors and shades to choose from.  Lip glosses can be classified into four categories; Sheer Gloss just gives a hint of glimmer and is perfect if you’re looking for a natural shine. The Opaque variety is denser and works well if you want to make a bolder statement. Shimmer, my personal favourite, is the blingy hope of fan girls and finally, Clear Gloss can be worn by itself or on a lip stain.
Love them or hate them, liners are here to stay!
Lip pencils or liners have been around for a while, allowing women to manipulate their mouths. From 1920s Hollywood Golden Girl Clara Bow who first showcased the magic of liners to play up her Cupid’s Bow, leaving the corners of her mouth bare, to the (hated) exaggerated contrasting liner of the ’90s, and lipstick trend of Kylie Jenner's exaggerated fish pout mouth, liners have come a long way. Today many gals skip lipstick altogether and just use liner. Here’s how: Draw the liner around your lips and fill in with the lip liner. This defines the natural contours of your lips and prevents bleeding and feathering.
Now tell us which ones are your favorites! 
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