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Too Cool For Summer: Editors Share Their Favourite Summer Secrets

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There’s a lot to be thankful for when Summer comes to play; think breezy summer dresses, sipping on cocktails by the pool, fresh mangoes, beach vacays… you get the drift. However, it also implies sweltering heat and all the 99 problems it brings with it. So, I asked the Nykaa Staffers to share one of their prized summer secrets that helps them cope up with the ferocious Indian Summer; happy to say, I did strike gold. From whipping up fruit popsicles to extracting fresh Aloe gel, take cues from what everyone will be busy doing this season to keep 'em cool!

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1. Lakshmi Nayar

Assistant Manager - Content

“Summers in Mumbai can get pretty toasty and overwhelming. So it’s important for me to keep my body cool and hydrated. So, I recently started experimenting in my kitchen and thought of giving homemade fruit popsicles a try. Here’s how I do it. I take 1/3 cup of refined sugar and grab a couple of my favorite berries like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and throw them in my blender until it turns into a lush purée. I then pour it into my popsicle mould (you could use your ice tray too) and let it freeze for four hours. I follow this up by popping in the popsicle sticks so it holds better and then I freeze it further for an additional 5 hours. Voila, they’re ready to be served. Ah, fresh, summer ice lollipops powered with a rich antioxidant punch. This little experiment has got me spending a lot more time in my kitchen playing with so many different healthy ingredients as well.”

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2. Synjini Nandi

Assistant Manager - Content

“I am not very fond of the warm weather and Indian Summers can get hot, real fast. To keep the heat at bay, I have two things that I follow diligently. First and foremost, I always have a jug of detox water in my fridge. To make it, I infuse cooling ingredients such as sliced cucumbers, mint leaves and lemon slices in a glass jug and stow it in the fridge. I am not joking when I say this: it gives me life! Another thing that I do is keep my jade roller in the fridge. Before sleeping I use it on my face which cures any inflammation, puffiness etc. because of the heat; plus, helps me sleep like a baby.”

3. Aarohi Roy

Senior Executive - Content

“Summers don’t suit my tummy, nor my skin. Fried food makes me queasy and brings out multiple acne on my back and face; too much bread makes me a potato— unable to move out of my couch; and I become an unusual bengali who can’t digest non-veg in the heat. Phew. My summer saviors? Fruity, leafy, nourishing salads! Everything from watermelon and feta cheese to fresh mangoes with lettuce and olives are my go-to body coolers. My cheat meal for Sundays is a bowl full of cool grapes, some diced Amul cheese, pomegranates, berries, and chopped mangoes all whipped in some sweetened heavy cream. Trust me, this dessert is a summer vacation in a bowl.”

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4. Shivani Chhabra

Assistant Manager - Content

“As someone who can’t stand heat at all, living in North India is not easy! From bacne to excessive sweating, or just general crankiness—my summer symptoms (yes, I talk about it like a condition) are monstrous, to say the least. Amidst all this mayhem, there’s just one skincare hack that I find solace in—massaging my face with ice! Honestly, more than the skin-tightening benefits, it lures me for all the cold it lends to my always-hot body (and head). But, hey, I look forward to this not-so-guilty pleasure of mine every summer for all the right reasons.”

5. Haya Khan

Executive - Marketing & Communications

“The great Indian summer most definitely lives up to its name, and sadly my skin tends to get as red as a tomato. This lil’ rose water spray from Kama Ayurveda goes everywhere I go during the summer months. The spray makes it super easy to apply on-the-go (because you don’t need any cotton pads) and cools down my skin when it starts to get blotchy and red. It also smells absolutely divine and is definitely a mood-booster as well!”

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6. Sara Shah

Senior Content Executive

“Oh my goodness, I absolutely despise the heat! And if you’re living in Mumbai, you’d know that the heat and humidity around this time is baying for your blood. My face always looks like an oil slick just 5 minutes into the day, and I hate the feeling of mattifying toners on my skin - so drying! And so, I love extracting some Aloe Vera gel from my Aloe plant, mixing it with some green tea and using it to tone my skin. It’s so natural and actually keeps my skin oil-free, yet supple for a good while.”

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