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Removing blackheads from your face can be a daunting task. Especially, when you’re not aware of right methods or products. Simply pinching and squeezing at spots with bare hands can inflame skin and make the problem worse. Fret not, Nykaa has all the tools you need for blackhead removal without making pricey visits to specialists. Here’s to super affordable ways of getting clear, flawless skin!

Best Blackhead Remover Tools

1. Roots Blackhead/Whitehead Removal Tools

Removing blackheads around the nose, chin or forehead is easy with Roots Blackhead/Whitehead Removal Tools pack. This blackhead removal tool is designed to remove stubborn and deep blackheads without harming your skin. These extractors can be used for blackheads and whiteheads.

2. Bronson Professional Black Head Remover Tool - Round

Removing blackheads is easier than ever now! Simply place the loop over the pimple or blackhead and gently press. If the blackhead doesn’t pop out use the probe end of the blackhead removal product to gently scrape the skin away from the blackhead and repeat the process with this blackhead remover tool. Washable and rustproof.

3. QVS Delux Blackhead Remover

With QVS Delux Blackhead Remover getting rid of blackhead is easy and comfortable. This blackhead removal tool helps to remove and extract blackheads and blemishes to leave your skin blemish-free and flawless. Has a dual ended loop and needle function to make blackhead removal easy. Made of 100% stainless steel to prevent infections and scarring.

4. Vega Blackhead Remover Pointed

Vega Blackhead Remover Pointed is an easy-to-use tool for removing blackheads, pimples and clogged pores. The professionally designed blackhead remover tool is made of stainless steel that can be easily sterilized. Easy to use and handle, perfect for newbies.

5. Divo Black Head Remover Tool

Use the loop end for pressing out the blackhead and the needle end for piercing whiteheads. Includes a protective pouch making it the perfect travel companion for quick cleanups on the move. Durable and lightweight, this blackhead removal tool is an ideal pick if you’re new at this.

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