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Top 5 Breast Pumps To Get Your Hands On

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Breastfeeding, unarguably, is the best kind of nourishment your newborn needs. While it releases a hormone that helps you bond with your baby, it also means being at your child’s disposal 24/7. Which isn’t exactly plausible all the time. Perhaps why you need to befriend the breast pump. Although, we do realize that expressing milk can be quite an ordeal (working mothers, we hear you groan). So, here are the top five breast pumps even your midwife would endorse.
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What sets this electric breast pump apart from the rest is that it comes with a 2-phase expression. It mimics your child’s nursing patterns. Essentially beginning with suckling fast and hard to stimulate milk ejection reflex (MER) which eventually switches to a slow and deep suck, making this the actual feeding phase. Additionally, you have the leeway to work this automatic pump manually as well.
Perfect for working mothers whose prerequisites are flexibility and convenience. This pump is a steal - not only can you adjust its suction intensity and rhythm but also its exclusive memory function automatically sets your previous frequency as well. As for enhanced stimulation? Its cup is larger and snugs your breast while gently massaging you all through lactation.
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Aside from being cost effective, manual breast pumps are far less complicated to lever. And if you aren’t constantly on the move, save yourself the excess spillage. This one in particular comes with a patented soft-massage cushion. It flexes as you pump to create a reliable vacuum thus enabling quicker and easier milk flow. Sums up why it’s selling like hotcakes.
Its ‘one-way airflow’ has a soft silicone shield to gently stimulate milk flow and restrict air from flowing into the pump, thus curbing contamination of milk. Moreover, its ‘squeeze and hold’ function adjusts and massages you as per your convenience. Another fun fact: This BPA-free gadget is recommended by IMAPH (Indian Medical Academy for Preventive Health), certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and ISI (Indian Statistical Institute). Heavy-duty stuff, eh?
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For new mothers who’d like to test the water, turn to this manual pump. Purely because of its easy-on-the-pocket price tag (unlike its electronic contemporaries). Think of it as your stepping stone to breastfeeding. Since it’s light and muted, it’s possible to sneak it into your Satchel and express milk anywhere, anytime.
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