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Top 8 most reviewed Herbal buys at Nykaa!

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Stop everything you are doing right now and check out these products, straight from the lap of the nature that you MUST include in your beauty routines that will definitely make you believe in all the wonderful things that mother nature has to offer to nurture your body and mind.
Scroll down and fill your designer vanity kits with the products that define beauty for the soul in every possible manner!
This is my holy grail product. I am using this product for the past 2 years & I could not be happier! It works both ways:  as a sun block and matte foundation. It is super affordable too. This is the best herbal product I have used so far. A must-have!
- Shilpa

I have been using this sunscreen for past 4 years now. I swear by this product as it is the most suitable for my combination skin and trust me when  I say, it is very difficult to find products that suit me THAT well! But this one neither makes my skin oily nor dry, its just perfect and the best part- it has a hint of tint!


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This is a great product, perfect for oily skin! It exfoliates skin gently  and tightens it along the way as well. The product absorbs excess oil and has the power to control ghastly breakouts. A healthy glow is guaranteed as it also helps clear the greasy grime that sticks onto your face.  A must buy!
- Roopsha
The Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Pack is excellent and a must-have for oily, acne prone skin. I have sensitive, acne-prone skin problems  and this face pack is my knight in shining armour! It effectively cleans all the dirt and oil on my face after I have been outdoors the whole day and has kept acne at bay. Love it!
- Aziza
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I am writing a review after using the product for a good 20 days. I have acne prone skin but breakouts became severe since December and this toner has helped me clear my skin so well that I am never shifting or trying any other!
I am using this toner along with FabIndia TeaTree Facewash and Fab India Clove Cream for Acne Control, but this toner has made all the difference in the world!
- Devika
I totally fell in love with this toner ever since  the first time I applied it on my face! It is non alcoholic and helps to control the production of sebum for a long, long time. The pump nozzle is genius! It is definitely  best suited for oily skin.  I received my bottle only a few days back, but i already feel like stocking up on more of this wonderful product.
- Dr. Rafia
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The product was my first buy from Nykaa.com. It truly is an amazing  product with a rejuvenating mild fragrance. Honey, Orange and Neem works perfectly well for my skin type. The face-wash is extremely deep-cleansing, hence it provides a natural, dewy glow to your face. A huge shout-out to Just Herbs for coming up with this wonderful product!
- Paridhi

I am lovestruck- thanks to the Just Herbs Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash! I finally have a face wash in my skincare routine that is free of any sort of chemicals and preservatives! The face wash smells nice, lathers mildly and does not irritate my sensitive skin at all. Natural moisture preservation is one of the many perks of this incredible product!
- Fakeha
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I have been using this wonderful product  for the past one month and it has worked really well for me! I no longer suffer from puffiness/dryness around my under-eye area. Dark circles are also on the verge of disappearing. Use regularly to achieve the best of results. Must-buy!
- Lakshmi
This superb under eye cream removes dark circles from your under eyes in the most naturally effective way! VLCC Almond Under Eye Cream is enriched with natural extracts of almonds which is extremely suitable for the tender and delicate under eye area. Regular use of this product will easily provide visible results in just 2 weeks!
- Anosua
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I love this toner a little too much! It gives a lovely refreshing feel and does not make dry your skin at all. I have also  used this product to remove certain dark, tinted lipsticks. My breakouts  have dramatically reduced, thanks to this product.  It's simply the best toner I have ever used.
- Shubhangi
I am using the Cucumber Pore Tightening Freshner for 2 years now and I am yet to see a better toner!  I use this product as a toner after washing my face every night. It definitely tightens your pores and helps in maintaining the ph balance of the skin. I can definitely see a visible difference on my skin. The best part- the compliments that i receive on my beautiful skin!
- Preeti
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This product actually delivers what it says!  Filled with the goodness of rose, the scent is just short of amazing. Having used other gel-scrubs previously i can vouch that the Fabindia Rose Geranium Face and Body Gel Scrub is just the best of them all!  It does not make my skin dry or flaky, hence is perfect for daily use. My skin feels literally happy!
- Somashree
This one is for the ladies with rough, dry skin. The gentle scrubbing action cause of the gel base leaves your skin smooth, soft and supple. The scrub contains real rose petals as well as geranium which makes it far more superior than other commercial cleansers that use only the essence of the promised ingredients. 5 stars totally deserved. Kudos to Fabindia!
- Lata
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It's a wonderful nutritious hair oil which fights hair fall & breakage effectively. This Aroma Massage Oil helps you sleep literally like a baby! I actually feel de-stressed after applying it over night. Added perks: It is completely non-sticky & can work  wonders on weak hair
- Murchhana Banerjee
Soulflower is my favourite brand for all things aromatherapy! I have been using this product with a hint of olive oil on my hair and my hair-fall has completely reduced now. My hair has never felt  more lustrous and shiny.  I would definitely buy this product again!
- Mohini
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