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Top Beauty Tips for the Millennial Woman

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From contouring and smoky eyes to eyebrows on fleek and glowy skin, millennials have an effortless mastery of beauty. The first generation to truly understand the power of looking good, they value quality over quantity. No overflowing vanity kits for them. They’re makeup prodigies, masters of multiple beauty hacks, DIY tricks and easy ways of putting their best face forward. But no one can know it all. Here are ten beauty tips every millennial woman should know—if she doesn’t already!
SPF everything
This should be your number one always, whether your 18 or 32. Start young if you want to look great when you’re older. Even better, layer your SPF. Start with a regular sunscreen, then use a SPF infused foundation or compact – that way you’re covered no matter what! 
Go sulphate-free
No regular shampoo and conditioner please. All those chemicals dry out strands and fade your color. You need sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners that are gentle on stands and keep your color shiny and glossy. We love the Wella range of sulphate-free haircare.
Think classic
Of course, you want to push limits and break boundaries. Ages 18 to 25 are a great time to try new makeup trends but by the time you hit a quarter century, remember the dictum, ‘Less is More’. Think timeless, whether it’s haircuts, clothes and makeup. It’s a good idea to set up an appointment with a professional stylist to figure what will look good on you.
Make a date with your dermatologist
With all that rushing around, skincare often falls by the wayside. It’s time to make friends with instant pick-me-ups courtesy face masks from Innisfree and The Face Shop. It’s also a good idea to visit your dermatologist every four to six weeks.  In between appointments, make do with a face mask.
Take your makeup off!
No ifs and buts, no matter how tired (or drunk) you are, that makeup HAS to come off. Unless of course you’re missing those teen year breakouts. Worst case, keep a pack of makeup remover wipes handy by your bedside.
Don’t forget under-eye cream!
Under-eye cream is a MUST. Even if you can’t see crow’s feet, puffiness and the beginning of bags. Trust us, they’re there, waiting to sprout. So, invest in a good under-eye cream and upper lip cream that lightens and tightens and makes you look #ForeverYoung. You can thank us later!
Eat ‘pretty’ food
No, we don’t mean macarons and candy sprinkled ice cream. Pretty foods are those delicious brightly colored vegetables and fruit, hearty whole grains and protein packed nuts, seeds, fish and legumes. These superfoods will ensure that you truly embody beauty inside out, even when you hit the Big Five.
In the meantime, you could supplement your diet with St.Botanica Omega 3 Fish Oil - 60 Softgels and INLIFE Antioxidants, 60 Tablets with Lycopene, Immune Booster Supplement.
Get some beauty vitamins
While there’s no substitute for eating clean, do take a daily dose of Vitamin C, the #1 beauty vitamin. It fights free radicals, boosts immunity, maintains collagen to keep skin bouncy, promotes healthy nails and makes hair strong.
Nykaa can’t get enough of HealthAid Vitamin C 1000mg – Orange.
Moisturize like there’s no tomorrow!
That’s the single best thing you can do today for taut, healthy skin in your 40s and 50s.  Moisturize your body every single day and night, right after a shower while your skin is still damp.
Transform from day to night effortlessly
Headed out after work but no time to redo your makeup? Just spritz on a face mist. It will absorb creased and caked up concealer or foundation, giving you a fresh, dewy, smooth complexion in a trice.  They don’t call millennials effortless beauties for nothing!
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