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Top Picks From Nykaa’s Tea Tree Treasures

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Be it treating acne, dandruff, razor cuts or fungal infections, the wonder list of Tea Tree oil’s benefits clearly isn’t ending anytime soon. Hands down the one ingredient that should always be present in our beauty kitties, here are the best (and our absolute favorites) from Nykaa’s Tea Tree infused treasures.

Pack The Pack

The bottle promises 20 minutes to clear skin and we vouch for it. Enriched with Tea Tree extracts, this Lotus Herbals Clarifying Face Pack is no less than a magical potion for pimples, acne, blemishes, and scars. Apart from promoting a clear complexion, this natural wonder also removes tan, prevents sebum production and mattifies skin.

Essential Much?

Known for its purifying qualities, the Nykaa Tea Tree Essential Oil has carried the 'Cure All' reputation for ages. Mix two drops of this elixir with a suitable carrier oil and cure everything from occasional skin irritations to yellow fingernails. What’s more? Add two drops to a bottle of water and spritz the solution on surfaces to make them germ-free.

Bathing Delight

C’mon guys, your bath cabinet deserves a Tea Tree superstar too. Speaking of bathing beauties, the Nature's Touch Tea Tree Shower Gel has been flying off our online racks and rightly so. This is your cue to indulge in refreshing, Tea Tree infused pamper seshs. And guess what, this refreshing, soap-free, antibacterial body wash is also perfect for sensitive skin.

Facewash 101

Brilliantly supported by Green Tea Extracts, Tea Tree oil makes a classic entry in our beloved face cleanser. The Nyassa Tea Tree Oil Face Wash is all you need to wash away the dirt and grime after a hard day’s work. Both the key natural ingredients are blessed with deep-cleansing properties and help repair dead skin tissues.

See You Never, Dandruff

Time to bid adieu to dandruff and itchy scalp woes. The Fabindia Tea Tree Shampoo Dandruff Control helps you break up with dandruff by unblocking clogged hair follicles and protecting the scalp from antifungal infections. Literally your one-product anti-dandruff army, this effective hair cleanser also strengthens roots and reduces oil secretion.

Soap Sensation

Chuck chemical-laden bathing bars and soap it away with a medicinal treat like this. The Soulflower Pure Tea Tree Soap is your everyday answer to accidental cuts, pesky pimples, excessively oily skin, and body odour. This handmade, antiseptic skin is ideal for all skin types.

Master Of Moisturisation

Time to provide parched skin with some much-needed Tea Tree hydration thanks to the BioCare Tea Tree Skin Purifying Cream. Its lightweight, moisturizing formula gets absorbed easily and nourishes from deep within. It restores the skin’s natural moisture balance. No reason to not cart it already!

Care Without Conditions

To begin with, you’re doin’ it right if you cannot step outta the shower without conditioning your tresses. Now bring Tea Tree into the equation with the Organix Tea Tree Mint Conditioner, an ultra-hydrating blend of Australian Tea Tree oils that adds moisture and strength. Say yes to healthy, enviable locks with one irresistible formula.
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