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Top Ten ‘Wonder Woman’ Essentials

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Skin care and makeup must-haves no woman can do without.
Women hate being caught unawares! Every successful woman is a multi-tasker extraordinaire; sister, daughter, colleague, girlfriend and wife. So why shouldn't her handbag reflect her multifaceted personality? Apart from the usual wallet, tissues and keys, you need some beauty essentials that protect you from every emergency, from 4 pm shine to fading lipstick. Read on for the Wonder Woman skin and makeup checklist that will have you looking your best no matter how long your day stretches.  
Top Ten Skin Care Must-Haves
1. Cleanser
A good cleanser is a must. Find one that suits your skin type and effectively removes dirt, grime and make-up without over drying your skin.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 1
2. Exfoliator
Layers of dead skin can dull your complexion. Fit in a weekly exfoliation with a good quality exfoliator or facial scrub to get glowing, clear skin that breathes. Remember not to be over enthusiastic because over-scrubbing can cause irritation and inflammation. While using an exfoliating formula target the T-zone.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 2
3. Toner
A toner is an optional product but for me it's a must to keep shine at bay. It not only shrinks pores, keeps greasiness at bay but also makes the skin more receptive to moisturizer. Choose an alcohol-free formula if you have dry sensitive skin.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 3
4. Serum
This is an innovative skin care product that can make a huge difference to your skin's texture. Choose a serum based on your skin type, age and specific skin concerns. There's a whole host of serums that address skin issues such as brightening, anti-ageing, sculpting and firming.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 4
5. Moisturizer/night cream
Tired skin looks sallow and listless. You can transform the dullest skin into a supple, glowing complexion by investing in a good moisturizer. Buy two separate formulas, one for the day and another for nighttime use. Your day cream should be light and infused with SPF, while the night cream should have a moisturizing formulation.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 5
6. Eye cream
Did you know the skin around your eyes is the thinnest and the first to show signs of fatigue? Keep the area around your eyes well hydrated and supple to give you a fresh, wide awake look during office hours. Use a good eye cream twice a day to keep puffy, wrinkled eyes and dark circles at bay.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 6
7. Lip balm
Dry chapped lips are a complete no-no. Make sure you have a few lip balms handy. Keep one in your handbag, one in the car glove box and one in your office drawer. In fact soft, hydrated lips will really show up your fave lipstick at its best.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 7
8. Body Lotion/Hand Cream
Dry skin is unacceptable! Hands that look dry and itchy don't get you any attention, at least not the positive kind. Remember to moisturize a few times during the day and at bed time.  Choose a light-weight, non-greasy lotion with SPF for summers and a deep nourishing body butter for winter dry weather.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 8
9. Make-up remover
How often do you return exhausted from work and skip removing your make-up at bedtime? It's time to break this habit right away. Leaving make-up on overnight is the worst thing you can do for your skin, leading to clogged pores and acne.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 9
10. Perfume
"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future" said Coco Chanel. We agree! Spritz on a light floral scent to stay confident and fresh through the day. And don't forget to carry a small bottle in your handbag as well to layer up if necessary.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 10
Top Ten Makeup Must-Haves
1. Make-up Primer
Ever wondered how models and actresses achieve flawless, glowing skin. Check out their make-up primer! It forms a layer over skin, reducing pores and allowing makeup to glide on effortlessly. There, now you know the secret to a seamless, radiant glow.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 11
2. Foundation
A long-stay foundation is must for 9-5 jobs. Water-resistant and non-greasy foundations will work with you till late in the evening to keep you even-toned and flawless. You could opt for a cream-to-powder foundation depending on your skin type.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 12
Everyone gets that unexpected pimple especially when stress levels are high and you have an important presentation coming up. Cover ugly blemishes by dabbing on a concealer. Concealers work like a magic wand and hide dark circles, blemishes and dark patches that foundation can't cover.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 13
4. Powder/Compact
Set your base make-up in place with a powder and keep oiliness at bay. Pressed powders and loose powders both work really well for day time touch-ups.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 14
5. Blush/Bronzer
The work place requires subtle makeup. Add color and freshness to your look with a softly applied peach blush over cheek bones. If you are doubtful about blush, opt for a soft bronzer to add depth to your face.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 15
6. Eye shadow
A soft brown or peachy pink eye shadow on the lids with chocolate brown blended into the crease is all you need to get perfect eyes at work.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 16
7. Eye liner
Black eye liner is too harsh for day time wear. Instead try a deep brown eye liner to line your upper lash line thinly and neatly to get a perfect curve. Eye liners are the perfect way to define your eye shape and make you look wide awake.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 17
8. Mascara
Mascara is another magic wand that not only adds volume to your lashes but makes your eyes look awake as well. Mask puffy eyes with generous coats of mascara.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 18
9. Lipstick
A neutral lipstick with pink or brown undertones is must-have for work. If you like a bit of color, add soft shades of peach, corals, pinks and orange. Apply an even coat of lipstick and blot it with tissue. Reapply another coat. This will fix your lipstick for hours.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 19
10. Brushes
You can't create a masterpiece without the appropriate tools. You need the right set of makeup brushes to achieve a flawless face. The three must-have brushes in your office hand-bag should include a foundation brush, blush/powder brush and lipstick brush.
Top Ten Wonder Woman Essentials - 20
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