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Travel-sized beauty for carefree holidays

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If you could take only one thing to a deserted island, you probably wouldn’t go. After all, you usually need a separate suitcase just for your beauty essentials. ‘Sound like you? If it is, don’t break a sweat. Our guide to packing smart and travel-sized, will ensure you never spend another penny on excess baggage. Read and shed that weight:
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Votre Day Moisturising Gel SPF 25

For a conservatively-sized tube, this one packs a lot of punch. A multipurpose skin care gel, it moisturizes, provides SPF 25 sun protection, limits the secretion of oil and leaves you skin with a smooth, non-greasy glow. Light on the suitcase and the skin, its lightweight gel base works perfectly for oily, break-out prone skin.

Avene Thermal Spring Water

Not only is it a cult-favorite, Avene’s Thermal Spring Water comes in a travel-friendly size, easy to tuck away in your handbag. A quick spritz will refresh dry skin after a long flight, or keep you cool in mercilessly hot climates. This elixir also treats redness, irritation and sunburn, serving as a great emergency go-to for when you’re on vacation.
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Lifelong HS03 Travel Friendly Hair Straightener Iron (Pink)

If you have straightened or misbehaved hair, you probably already know that a miniature hair iron is a must on holiday – especially if it involves going in the sea or pool. Lifelong’s ceramic iron ensures quick touch-ups for shiny, burn-free hair. Its smurfy size belies a temperature range of 210 degrees, and a warm up time of just 60 seconds. Ooh – and it’s pink!

BBLUNT MINI Back To Life Dry Shampoo, For Instant Freshness

Don’t think dry shampoo works? Believe it! Whether you’re thick-haired or hard-pressed for time, this little bottle will sort out your mane faster than you can say ‘oil slick’ – just a few spritzes and a thorough massage to fake a salon-fresh coif quick, and none would be the wiser.
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Nyassa Under The Ocean Travel Kit

Nyassa’s got you covered for toiletries with their super-cute Under The Ocean Travel Kit. The pouch contains pint-sized bottles of handmade soap, body lotion, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner to last the length of a trip and discard when you’re done. Of course, we’d keep the handy pouch if we were you.

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

To save you time, space and money, The Body Shop’s created a multitasking skin care formula that ensures you’re not weighed down by several different products on your trip. The face cream adapts to your skin tone, working as a BB cream with buildable coverage, a 24-hour moisturizer and illuminator. What’s more – it nourishes your face with Aloe, leaving a dewy, picture-perfect complexion
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Quick tips for traveling light but smart
  1. Draw up a list of beauty essentials. For most people, that might include moisturizer, sunscreen and any other medicated or prescribed skincare, if you have it.
  2. Tailor your products to the climate. Travelling somewhere humid? Use cream-based blush and bronzer rather than cakey powder. Cold? Take a heavier moisturizer than your usual. Baking on the beach? Waterproof everything!
  3. Own half-finished bottles of products? Take them with you! They’re half their usual weight, won’t go to waste and can be discarded along the way.
  4. Save a buck and a whole lot of space with skin or scent samples from your favorite brands.  
  5. Don’t forget your emergency go-tos. Prone to allergies? Carry an antihistamine. Burn easy? Soothing lotion is a must.
  6. Airplanes can be as bad as the Sahara. Dry plane air and closer proximity to the sun’s rays means you should drink plenty of water, put on sunscreen and keep a mist at the ready on flight. 
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