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Travel The World With Nykaa Salon Shine Gel Nail Lacquer

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Travel The World With Nykaa Salon Shine Gel Nail Lacquer - 1
Love the finish and shine of gel nails ever but the thought of sitting at a salon subjecting your talons to UV light sounds daunting to say the least? Nykaa just heard your silent prayers. Debuting Nykaa Salon Shine Gel Nail Lacquer that’ll make the UV lamp a thing of the past. All hail, the game-changer!
Just what you should expect while adding these new-block beauties to cart:
  • Bow down to the Sun God because that’s literally all you need for the formula to harden. Results? Salon-like, hi-shine gel manicure!
  • Along with patented PRO-UV formula, this enamel is also enriched with light-reflecting pigments that’ll double up the shine quotient.
  • A two-coat polish that air-dries in a jiffy, expect an opaque look after the first and a plumping gloss finish after the second coat.
  • No-chip formula? Check! Long-lasting? Will stay put right until you’re ready to take it off!
Though this #CantLiveWithout range has a total of 24 mesmerising shades to offer, we’ve done the meticulous task of choosing the top 8 hues on your behalf. You’re welcome!

1. When In Rome

Do as the Romans do, which is stuttering around with gorgeous nails painted in a red that’s borderline orange! Our low key coral crush? Hell yes!

2. London Eye

A landmark in the world of nail colors, this red is as classic and timeless as the giant Ferris Wheel itself. Get date-ready like nobody’s business.

3. Sangria In Spain

Perfectly painted fingernails, dipped in this exquisite reddish pink tint, wrapped around an intoxicating glass of Sangria – now the stuff of realities!

4. Viva Mexico

Though the name literally translates to ‘Long Live Mexico’, you’ll be chanting ‘Viva Nykaa’ when this sweetheart peach hits you like a truck. Take our word!

5. Croatian Isles

Offset the blue skies of this mystical group of islands with this oh-so-haute pink. Getting tanned in that even haute-r bikini doesn’t mean your nails will go unnoticed.

6. Moroccan Spice

This namesake hue does complete justice to those famed Moroccan spices. Expect this deliciously dark, chocolate brown tint to spice up your mundane beauty game.

7. Hong Kong Harbour

If the celebrated harbour line is Hong Kong’s lifeline, this lavender crush is ours. Nykaa’s sure taken some serious cues from Hong Kong’s magnificent skyline at dusk.

8. Manhattan Madness

Succumb to the crazy, undying energy of Manhattan; stand out even in the maddening crowd with this absolutely necessary nude. This one has our thumbs up!
Travel The World With Nykaa Salon Shine Gel Nail Lacquer - 2
Now go get gelled!!
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