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Trending Now: Monochrome Terracotta Makeup

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If you had to ask me about my morning ritual, I’ve got no shame in admitting that it’s browsing the ‘gram. It’s a toootally different thing that it’s my night-time ritual too (guilty as charged). But, as a beauty aficionado, this is where I get all my knowledge from. Currently, my IG feed is dripping in terracotta everything — it’s on the eyes, lips, nails, cheeks… you get the drill. Every MUA is obsessing over monochromatic terracotta makeup and tbh, it’s a refreshing change. C’mon, don’t we all deserve a break from the classic nudes and pinks? What pulls me more towards this trend is that it compliments all skin tones. We couldn’t wish for more!
Here’s how you can rock the monochromatic terracotta look:

Let’s Talk Base

Firstly, let’s get the basics right. You can’t nail a monochrome trend if you haven’t perfected your base. If we haven’t emphasized this enough already, always always apply a primer and then blend your foundation out evenly. And if it's not your best undereye day, and those dark circles or pimples refuse to fade away, bring out that concealer and corrector.

Drama Is In The Cheeks!

Mix things up with a little blush and lots of gold highlighter to get that gorgeous sun-kissed glow on your cheeks. Start by blending a shimmery blush on the high points of your cheeks and follow it up with highlighter (let it glow, girl!). For a warmer look, you can use a deep matte bronzer for contouring. Lock in your look with a setting powder.

All In The Eyes

Let us state it right here, right now: this is anything but OTT. So, your eyes are going to be no different. Keep your eye makeup subtle and minimalistic with a cool cat-eye in a deep brick shade and a voluminous mascara in pitch black. For a more defined look, blend in some baked eyeshadow in a medium shade on your lids.

Show Your Lips Some Love

Who doesn’t love a red lip? And brick red is even better! Guess what? The terracotta trend is just another reason to wear this classic ‘90s hue on your lips. But, don’t even think of taking the subtle route here — the bolder the lip, the better it is. For a more modern or messy twist, use your fingertips to blur the lipstick around the edges.

Nail Those Nails

Now that your cheeks, lids and lips are matchy-matchy, why should you leave your nails behind? In fact, this is where you can have all the fun and experiment as much as you want. Glitter, metallic or shimmer — paint your nails with a fiery hue. And if nail salon appointments are on your monthly calendar, you can always go for your favorite gel, acrylic or chrome nails.
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