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Burgundy Hair Color

You know if there's one hair color that is always in demand, it is the burgundy hair color. So much so that your salon visit is jinxed if you don’t see someone dyeing their hair burgundy (really!). Its popularity is not surprising though — the reddish brown hue looks good on everyone and of course, it’s super trendy. The pantone color of the year might be classic blue but everyone is rocking that burgundy look. Why wouldn’t they? It is also associated with a family of colors — wine, maroon, mahogany… you get the gist. Now, we aren’t saying that this color won’t fade away like other dark colors, but with a little maintenance, it might end up staying for longer than you expected. And, can we just talk about the fun, chic element that it adds to your look? We are all fans here!

We know, we know you’re already booking your next salon appointment but before you do that, here’s a guide on which burgundy hair color would work for you.


Burgundy Hair Color Shades For Different Skin Tones

Fair Skin


First things first, if you have fair skin, every Burgundy color will look great on you. Just like blonde, blues and all the other quirky colors out there.

Dark Burgundy Hair

1. Dark Burgundy

A dark burgundy shade will literally contrast with fair skin and that’s why it tops our list of favorites. Don’t be shy and pick a global hair colour. The best part though? It might be a favorable pick for fair skin but also works on medium & dusky skin tones. Win-win, yay!

2. Red Velvet

No, we aren’t talking about applying the oh-so-famous red velvet cupcake on your hair (yikes!), we are talking about a rich shade of red from the burgundy family. To flaunt this color right, go for a balayage effect.

Burgundy Hair Color Shades – Red Velvet
Burgundy Hair Color - Maroon

3. Maroon

Don’t be scared about choosing maroon for your hair. A maroon hair color looks super classy and compliments medium to long hair. But, if you have straight hair, make sure you style it right — go for layered waves to win hearts!

Medium Skin Tone

Medium skin tones have a lot of room to experiment with burgundy hair colors. From reds to pinks, don’t be afraid to go all out.

1. Deep Plum

It’s not just the fruit that we love, Plum is also a great pick from the wide range of burgundy hair colors. Especially for medium skin tones. This burgundy hair color will not only highlight your features, it will also work on all kinds of hair length — short, long or medium.

Deep Plum Burgundy Hair
Burgundy Hair Color Shades - Magenta

2. Magenta

Okay covering your hair in Magenta completely might be stretching it a little. You need a subtle hint of magenta to completely own this color. Go for balayage instead — we know we are recommending it a lot but it’s all for the right reasons! Even a magenta/burgundy ombre can spice things up!

Dusky Skin Tone

Wines and light browns are going to be your BFFs when it comes to burgundy hair colors on a dusky skin tone.

1. Mulled Wine

Possibly, the most popular burgundy hair dye of them all, mulled wine works well on cool undertones. Of course, it’s got a winter-y effect but don’t underestimate the power of burgundy wine hair color to transform your look anywhere and anytime!

Burgundy Hair Color – Mulled Wine
Auburn Burgundy Hair

2. Auburn

We know what you’re thinking this burgundy brown hair color seems a bit out of place in this list but honestly, this is the best pick for beginners or anyone, with a warm undertone. It’s neither too harsh nor it can be missed on dark hair — just a perfect neutral!


Burgundy hair with highlights

Too scared to color your hair burgundy completely? Guess what? Burgundy hair color highlights look just as cool. Here are a few options that you can try on your hair:

1. Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair

If you have jet black hair and don’t want to compromise on how it looks, you can always go for burgundy highlights on black hair. The deep dark burgundy hair color will shine through without compromising on your natural look.

Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair
Burgundy Highlights

2. Lavender and Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair

Here’s another stunner for black hair — a blend of burgundy and lavender. This subtle yet eye-catching combination is a great option for long wavy hair but it will also look great on medium beachy waves. Go all out!

3. Blonde Hair with Burgundy Highlights

If you don’t mind experimenting with your blonde hair, getting burgundy highlights is the right pick. The burgundy highlights will stand out even more on beach waves or soft curls and of course, it will add some much-needed fun to your overall look.

Burgundy Highlights on Blonde Hair
Burgundy Highlights on Brown Hair

4. Brown Hair with Burgundy Highlights

For women with brown hair, go for an exciting cherry shade, especially if you want others to notice your hair color. The burgundy red hair color is super vibrant and will suit you the most if you have long with lots of layers.


Q. Does burgundy hair color fade fast?

A. If you compare it to softer colors, dark colors like burgundy tend to fade much faster. This is why maintenance is the key here.
a) It will keep your dark burgundy hair color fresh and
b) it won’t hamper the health of your hair.

Q. Which color works best with burgundy hair color?

A. There’s no such thing as one color for burgundy hair. In fact, there are suitable burgundy shades for each different hair color. A simple tip: just keep the cool and warm shades in mind before your picking your favorite color.

Q. Are all burgundy hair colors available in the market?

A. The number of burgundy hair shades might be a lot but the Indian market still has limited options. You will find the most common ones in any supermarket but if you want to experiment with out-of-the-box shades, there is still time.

Q. How many types of burgundy hair colors are there?

A. As we have already mentioned above, burgundy is not limited to just one shade. It covers a big range of colors — burgundy with red, mahogany, dark brown, raspberry, violet… and the list goes on. But, not every color is available in the Indian market yet.

Q. Do I need to go to a salon to get the best burgundy hair dye? Or can I do it at home?

A. Ideally, you should visit a salon for coloring your hair burgundy. That’s because the hairdresser will be the best person to recommend the best burgundy shade for your hair. However, if you’re confident about the shade that works for your hair, go ahead and color your hair at home.

Q. Does burgundy ombre hair color look good?

A. Burgundy Ombre is a great option if you don't want to go all out and color your locks completely. Dark colors like maroon, red and mahogany from the burgundy family look great as ombre shades.

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