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Hair loss on your mind? The ‘Shahs’ of Indian Trichology have all the answers to your troubles. Dr. Apoorva Shah and his wife Dr. Sonal Shah are the best bet to solving our strand woes.

With their Richfeel Trichology Centers across the country and a hoard of nutritive homeopathic remedies, these two have truly mastered the art of having healthy hair.

According to Dr. Apoorva, hair problems are more common than you think. “Every second Indian is affected.” He points out that hair problems are always a signal of internal imbalance. “Poor health, lack of proteins and minerals in the diet and stressful lifestyles are common culprits.” However, he points out that once the reason is determined and treated, hair goes back to its normal pattern of shedding and growing.

Here are some Shah-approved tips and tricks to keep your tresses healthy and happy!

1. Beauty Book: What should we eat to keep our hair healthy?

Drs Shah: “It’s all about what you eat. Ultimately your daily diet plays a vital role in hair health. We recommend that a healthy diet should include 2-3 servings of milk, almonds, paneer, spinach and zucchini daily. Collectively, these are all calcium, iron and protein boosters. Once a week serving of chickpeas or bajra. Both are rich in good carbs and fibre. Chickpeas are a great source of protein. Add pears, tomatoes or papaya to your daily diet. Water-rich, all these fruits are sources of Vitamin C, extremely necessary for your hair care. Chinese cabbage or soya beans. Great in omega-3 and fatty acids, you can also eat tofu or soy milk. Avoid Urad dal, red wine, smoking, and non-vegetarian food to prevent hair problem."

2. Beauty Book: What kind of treatments work, when even diet doesn’t help?

Drs. Shah: “When the diet isn’t working, you should focus on how you’re treating your hair. There are some unique treatments designed to disinfect, detoxify and rejuvenate the hair and scalp. You can consider Tricho active products and Tricho scalp treatments that work on the scalp’s lymphatic system to increase oxygenation and nutrition flow. As an after-care treatment, use Richfeel Hair Nourisher to strengthen your hair.

Mesotherapy, stem cell therapy and hair transplants are viable options for treating hair loss as well. Shah’s own miracle treatment called Anagrow is also a wonder treatment. A product called PCT Rejuva Max extract (that contains apple and pea stem cells) is inserted in the hair follicles using the RF Anagrow 10X machine to get hair fall in control and promote hair growth."

3. Beauty Book: What kind of regular external hair treatments should we use?

Drs. Shah: “A mild ritual of cleansing, conditioning and strengthening should be followed. You can use Richfeel Scalp Cleanser Shampoo. Another good hair habit is oiling. Hair oil is a great strand and scalp conditioner and very effective in keeping both healthy. Moroccan oil, extracted from the fruit of the Argan tree, is a great product. So is home grown coconut oil. Try out our Richfeel Aroma Oil For Hair Loss.

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